Top Reasons Why Developers Use Vue.js with Laravel to Build Robust Applications

Top Reasons Why Developers Use Vue.js with Laravel to Build Robust Applications

30 January, 2023 by img Rahul Panchal in Laravel Development
Top Reasons Why Developers Use Vue.js with Laravel to Build Robust Applications

After going through the title of this article, you might be thinking about how to relate Laravel with Vue JS. While Vue JS happens to be a progressive domestic framework, Laravel is a PHP framework. Although it is true, both of these platforms serve different objectives to one another while acting as a compliment.

We will try to comprehend this in detail. However, before that, we will be introducing each one of them to the readers in brief.

An Introduction to Vue JS

Vue JS is an advanced JavaScript framework intended for developing single-page applications and the user interface. Vue JS is highly adaptable since it is designed from scratch. It comes with a rich library that focuses on the app’s view layer. This library can be easily picked up by the developers and integrated with other libraries as well.

Vue.JS development services are ideal for creating single-page applications and customized user interfaces. It emphasizes declarative rendering being an open-source framework. Vue JS happens to be amongst the most well-known front-end frameworks, which have acquired more than 148k stars on GitHub. Being an extremely adaptable platform, it is possible to easily integrate Vue JS into big projects while streamlining web development.


Top Vue JS Features:


 1. Virtual DOM

Vue JS uses virtual DOM, an essential DOM component clone that ingests every single modification planned for the DOM and is obtainable as JavaScript data structures. Comparison is made with the progressions and modifications made to the JavaScript data structures and the original data structure. Only the final modifications are reflected in the real DOM. This is a creative and inventive technique that is affordable with rapid alterations.

2. 2-way data binding

Vue JS comes with a 2-way data binding feature thanks to its innovative MVVM architecture. The QRR aids in manipulating or assigning values to HTML attributes that help to accelerate HTML blocks. Vue JS can boast of having this 2-way communication feature that makes certain that any modification made in the UI will be passed to the data, and the UI will reflect the alterations made in your data. This is not the same with libraries such as React JS, which supports one-way communication.

3. CSS transitions

This particular feature of Vue JS offers several methods for directing transition effects to HTML elements once they are included or removed from the DOM. The in-built transition component wraps the element, and this helps to return the effect of transition. The UX can be made more interactive by the developers by adding 3rd-party animation libraries. Vue JS provides different types of transition effects, and this is going to happen once an element gets updated within the transition component:

  • Vue can comprehend whether the target element has been applied, and in case it does, it will apply classes to animations and CSS transitions.
  • Vue JS integrates Third-party libraries such as Animate.css.
  • It manipulates the DOM directly by hooking up JavaScript animation libraries.

4. Components

Being reusable, basic HTML elements are extended by Vue components for isolated UI elements. Communicating between them through props and events is very important. Components happen to be custom elements attaching behavior to the compiler of Vue. A Vue component’s code snippet is essential for creating scalable and robust apps with Vue.

5. Authenticated/Full-stack apps

Vue apps are usually data-driven user interfaces. The majority of the data is derived from a secure API created with Laravel, Django, Node, Rails, or any other server framework. This data provide a conventional GraphQL or REST API via web sockets. On most occasions, the design patterns are employed for integrating Vue JS into a full-stack configuration.

6. Simple to understand

One particular reason why this structure is so popular is because of its simplicity. The client can add Vue JS without any difficulty to its web project, thanks to its uncomplicated structure. It comes with an extremely characterized design which helps to keep your information and custom strategies independent. Apart from this, it has some amazing features such as registered properties, viewers, and directives, which help make the cycle of creating a top-notch web app very easy. This structure helps to create every type of small plus large organization within a short time.

7. Easy integration

Vue JS helps web engineers to incorporate with the present applications, which have made it quite popular right now. This is because it relies on JavaScript structure, and it is possible to incorporate it into various apps based on JavaScript. You will be free to incorporate Vue JS CDN and start using it. Most of the third-party Vue libraries and components are supported and accessible with Vue JS CDN. There is no requirement for setting up npm and node for using Vue JS. In this way, it is useful for developing fresh web applications simply by altering the previous ones. It can also be utilized in the form of an unusual jQuery Replacement.

8. Computed properties

This one happens to be an essential feature of Vue JS. It helps in listening to the alterations implemented to UI elements and plays out a required logic such that there is no need for additional coding. A computed property can be used once you have to mutate a property depending upon other data properties. The logic will be triggered by any alterations made to the dependent properties. They will be stored based on their conditions, and they will possibly rerun in the event of any dependency changes.

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An introduction to Laravel

Laravel happens to be amongst the most well-known open-source PHP web frameworks based on the MVC model. It happens to be amongst the members of an innovative web framework generation. This framework is known to come up with a fresh version at the interval of every six months. It is a rich framework that comes with lots of sophisticated functionality and developer-friendly features.


Top Laravel Features


1. Eloquent ORM

ORM (Object-Relational-Mapping) is the active record pattern’s PHP implementation. It allows the Laravel development services to present database tables in the form of classes. For instance, if the developers define a class as “User,” it will be tied to the “users” table within the database. Eloquent ORM represents every row as a User class instance.


2. Artisan

Laravel is referred to as the PHP framework intended for web artisans. It comes with a built-in tool for CLI, which is known as Artisan. It helps to create the database structure and also develop its migration together with a skeleton conde. Apart from this, Laravel web developers can make use of Artisan for getting the basic MVC files instantly via the command line.


3. Package Delivery

In the past, Laravel developers found it quite difficult to set up data packages. Fortunately, a convenient solution has been brought by Laravel 5.5, is known as automatic package delivery. Its function will be to detect the packages that will be installed by the user automatically. For this, no new packages have to be installed.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention the primary reasons for combining Vue.js with Laravel. Although these two are based on totally different programming languages, Vue JS and Laravel support one another in several aspects.


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1. Front-end is important

Web applications happen to be event-driven at present. When you hire web app developers, they will be creating web applications so that the users receive a customized and seamless experience just like they would be using an application set up on their personal computers. Combining Vue.js with Laravel allows the developers to make modifications on the front-end. At the same time, it will be possible for the users to view the alterations live without any need to reload the page.

2. Optimal yet complicated pages

JavaScript will be the preferred choice in case it is imperative to update your web application frequently. The reason for this is that JavaScript runs on the front-end completely. But in that case, jQuery, vanilla JavaScript, or any other JavaScript library does not have virtual DOM, and the developers will be finding it difficult to update the application or even increase the volume of information. It will be possible to reduce the changes made to the DOM gradually, and developers will begin to experience lags in performance in the long run.

While mentioning the Vue JS framework plus its amalgamation with Laravel, the dependencies of all the components of the application are monitored automatically at the time of its rendering. Consequently, it is known to the system regarding which particular component has to be updated on modifying the information in the customized app. In this way, the developers can update the DOM sans using lots of resources. Thus, the application’s overall efficiency is improved to a great extent.

Vue JS is likewise compatible with different state manages such as Vuex and Flux that will manage the flow of data in complicated web apps. A one-way data-binding model is utilized by Vue JS that helps to make statement management simpler for complicated applications which are Laravel-based.

3. Event-driven application with reactive components

Vue JS helps developers in building a comprehensive web app based on events. Being a front-end web application development framework, components are provided by Vue JS that can be utilized according to the wish of the developer. It fits with Laravel quite nicely, and web developers have to make several trips to requesting data and making some alterations in the user interface by switching components. One can do this without any need to reload the page.

Vue JS provides performance and speed, while Laravel is reputed for its robustness and stability. Consequently, developers can create event-driven apps easily by combining them.

4. Single page application

This happens to be a specialty of this particular framework. At present, single-page applications are gaining ground quite rapidly. They are responsible for providing a fantastic web experience in locations where many users confront challenges linked with Internet access. Single-page apps become loaded in virtually a cached form, and consequently, low bandwidth is required by them. Application developers can create customized single-page applications very easily by combining Vue.js with Laravel.

Since Vue JS is based on JavaScript, it is quite simple for web application developers to learn. Apart from this, a valid HTML happens to be an effective Vue template. When you hire Laravel developers, they will use scoped styling and implement changes easily using Vue JS components. Only a single day will be required for creating a non-trivial app using Vue after going through its documentation.


No doubt combining Vue JS and Laravel will prove extremely effective in the web application development sphere. Both of them contribute to several of the most well-known web apps across the globe, and it will be possible for you to also come up with an outstanding application by making use of them together. For this, it will be imperative to hire Vue JS developers or PHP developers to create applications that will perform seamlessly.

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