Why Vue JS is Booming in 2024? A Statistical Analysis

Why Vue JS is Booming in 2024? A Statistical Analysis

12 October, 2023 by img Rahul Panchal in Vue.JS
Why Vue JS is Booming in 2024? A Statistical Analysis

There is no doubt about the fact that Vue JS is becoming quite popular at present. As per the survey made in the year 2017, 47% of the developers desire to learn this particular JavaScript framework, and it has been used by 20% of the developers so far. The most important thing is that approximately 90% of the developers who have used this technology would like to use it once again in their upcoming projects.

Vue successfully added 40.0k stars on GitHub in 2017, and it gained the 1st spot amongst the most well-known JavaScript projects. It has got more than 95K stars as of today.

For What Reason Has Vue Become So Popular?

Essentially, it is because Vue has everything to make development easy and smooth. The most significant factor happens to be the gentle learning curve. Apart from this, Vue is flexible, lightweight, as well as modular. Furthermore, Vue has some astounding tools, effective state management, and routing options. The framework provides unbelievable development speed, mainly because of a huge number of plug-ins that can solve critical problems in each application, enabling cost-effective and fast product development. In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at why Vue is constantly growing at present.

1. Gentle Learning Curve

The main soul of every single developer happens to be a gentle learning curve. It is imperative to have fundamental knowledge and comprehension of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In case complicated web apps are being created by you, then having experience in these languages will make it simple for you.

It can be accessed easily while developing, and it helps the Vue.js developers to get their creative juices flowing with an additional extension of syntax. It is possible for developers who are experienced in React to switch to Vue easily.

2. Properly Defined Ecosystem

The defined ecosystem of Vue is a huge advantage since it enables the developers to pick a solution to a particular problem successfully. There is no need for them to spend a considerable amount of time finding the best one. Apart from this, Vue enables choosing the required building blocks only.

Although Vue might emphasize the view layer, with the assistance of Vue Router, Vuex, Vue CLI, and Vue Test Utils, it will be able to provide effective solutions to typical issues. This helps to enhance development speed and also unifies it across various projects. Since most projects use the same solutions, it is likewise simpler for developers to start right away rather than wasting their available time learning these tools.

The incrementally flexible ecosystem of Vue scales between a framework and the library, which helps to make it a fantastic solution for any project.

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3. Helps to Save Time

Another reason for the increasing popularity of Vue happens to be the Vue CLI, a system created plus supported by the Vue Core Team. It helps to reduce the time spent by the developers on the initial setup of the project. A project generator is included by Vue CLI, which makes it quite simple to commence a fresh project and also generate a framework ready for development. It is not surprising that Vue CLI’s primary objective is to become the standard tooling starting point for the whole Vue ecosystem.

The 3rd version of Vue CLI provides a completely innovative experience. It helps in generating a project using a set of queries regarding what is required by the project, making it feasible to create a framework for an application within a short period. The base configuration utilizing a Vue CLI 3 project happens to be Babel and Webpack, which aids in minimizing the size of the bundle significantly. All the extra features can be added by the developers using plug-ins once they are needed. This enables them to install only the essential features while the application develops and fresh requirements creep up.

4. It is the Best of Both React JS and Angular JS

It is a fact that Vue’s creator worked in different angular JS projects while he was working at Google. A lightweight solution was built by him, which extracted the most significant Angular JS components without all the additional ideas involved. He succeeded in creating Vue JS in this manner.

Although Vue was intended to fix Angular JS deficiencies, it combines the most significant parts of both React JS and Angular JS in reality.

It took related templates from Angular with proper syntax, and it is quite simple to use them in the projects which already exist. Vue received the component-based approach from React along with props and one-way information flow for performance, component hierarchy, virtual rendering capability, and the comprehension of the essential role played by the proper state management of applications in web apps.

Vue is quite lightweight with a weight of approximately 20KB and provides remarkable performance at warp speed. Vue 2.0 can be considered to be amongst the fastest frameworks which were ever developed.

5. Remarkable Performance of Built Apps

It will be possible to develop the fastest application with the help of the Vue framework. As mentioned before, Vue happens to be an extremely fast-performing framework. It provides you with high performance and is quicker than Angular. All companies bear in mind Vue’s speed and develop applications for their business.

6. Mobile Development

Vue provides cross-platform UI development with the most effective solutions. One of the best examples of e-commerce happens to be Alibaba mobile app, and it is developed in Vue. The UI can be managed on multiple platforms with repeatability as well as transparency which are simply awesome.

7. Reactivity

The user interface will be refreshed automatically in Vue along with the proprietary reactivity mechanism. This will save time for the developers, and they need not spend much energy on additional coding. Instead, they will be able to concentrate on performance, as well as other essential features.

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8. Pleasure to Develop

The developers find it extremely rewarding to have the freedom of structuring code in Vue. Developers certainly appreciate this plus point.

9. HTML Templates

The productivity in creating applications can be increased significantly by HTML templates. Individuals with a background in HTML will manage and also enhance development in products very easily.

10. Active Community

The community of Vue JS is extremely active, as well as extensively spread across the globe. Vue JS developers are known to share their experiences and knowledge and contribute to the Frameworks Development as well by meetups in different nations every year.


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Top Companies are Making Use of Vue JS.

While selecting a JavaScript framework, it is reassuring to comprehend that top companies are opting for Vue JS at present irrespective of whether you happen to be a developer or a business entrepreneur who wants to feel confident in the technology he is investing his products in.

Apart from GitLab (the premier collaboration tool for DevOps) and Behance (the social media platform of Adobe for creatives), here is a list of several other significant companies that are making use of Vue these days.

  • Nintendo

Nintendo uses vue for a bunch of their presence on the web. Several of their local websites in Europe have been built using Vue.

  • Louis Vuitton

The website of this company is operating on Vue and Nuxt.

  • BMW

A vehicle configurator has been built by BMW USA, enabling you to create your dream vehicle by personalizing it in different ways and browsing various feature packages that satisfy your requirements.

  • Adobe

Adobe provides a product known as Portfolio, which happens to be a custom web-portfolio builder intended for helping users display their resourceful work. They opted for Vue since they wanted to have a remarkable user experience as well as performance.

  • Grammarly

The front-end Grammarly team had used Vue for creating their signature UI, which blends minimalism with aesthetics.

  • Google

The Career Platform of Google has been built using Vue.

  • Netflix

Netflix has used Vue JS in a couple of its smaller and internal applications.

Final Words

Vue makes it quite simple for the developers to implement the elements required by every application. It is a matter of joy to work with Vue, which will provide the developers with plenty of fun. Likewise, it is supported by a developing community of committed developers who will be able to provide assistance and advice as and when required.

It will be possible for the developers to begin coding quickly because of the gentle learning curve and highly detailed documentation. Of course, this will be effective as long as they are acquainted with JavaScript and HTML. Vue is a fantastic competitor combining the most significant parts of React JS and Angular JS. It can be rightly asserted that it is amongst the most popular and performant frameworks right now.

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