AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

05 February, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

At present, you will come across three primary cloud platform providers that consume most of the market share. They happen to be Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Although GCP and Azure are developing consistently, AWS is the undisputed leader in market share. Every platform comes with its pricing and features that can match your mobile app development requirements.


Comparison Table Between AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud





Google Cloud

Maintaining and managing virtual servers EC2 VM & VM scale sets Compute Engine
PaaS Elastic Beanstalk Cloud services  

Google App engine


Easing of virtual private servers Lightsail Virtual Machine Image
Marketplace AWS marketplace Azure marketplace G Suite Marketplace
Supported OS

Core OS, Windows, SLES, Cloud Linux, Ubuntu, etc


SLES, Windows, CentOS, Oracle Linux, etc Windows, SLES, CoreOS, FreeBSD, etc
DNS Amazon Route 53 Azure DNS Google Cloud DNS


Look at the following paragraphs to see how each of the platforms compares against one another.


AWS Cloud Services

This platform provides virtually every feature that falls under the industry of cloud computing. The cloud services of AWS enable you to access data storage, computing power, and other functionalities required for the app developers. Amazon Web services have got lots of products which have been divided into many categories. Apart from the features that have already been mentioned, they likewise provide management tools, developer tools, application services, and mobile services. The application services combined with the database and computing infrastructure are essential components for successful mobile application development.



Apart from an extensive range of services, AWS has adjusted the cost of cloud computing as well. The costs are incredibly competitive as compared to the other cloud providers. The price for cloud services has been decreased because of the pricing structures as well as competition. AWS likewise provides free service tiers for individuals as well as startups. It is an effortless way to try before purchasing. Furthermore, the development teams can buy servers by the second instead of by the hour. You will come across a competitive price structure for AWS, which will be lower than the cost of the infrastructure investment for the team’s services.



Experience and reputation happen to be amongst the most significant advantages offered by AWS to its customers. The additional few years spent by AWS has provided it with an opportunity to develop its features and offerings more than its competitors. The various services provided are quite beneficial for big companies that have complicated requirements.

Moreover, AWS cloud services are also reputed for providing reliable services, and the mature infrastructure of this company is a plus point. They have got the biggest number of international data centers. Companies can take a look at the track record of AWS, its global reach, as well as the present list of clients to understand its trustworthiness.



The most significant advantage of AWS, which happens to be its extensive range of services, can also be its drawback. There are many options to select from, and therefore, some companies might become confused in the long run. The huge number of choices can prove to be rather overwhelming to small companies and search for a simplistic cloud solution.

Amazon Web services are also known for complex pricing structures, which are rather unclear. At one particular point, per-hour billing was only provided by AWS, which implies that you will be charged for the whole hour despite using only a single minute of their service. The per-minute billing facility has been launched by AWS recently, nevertheless, for matching other providers. Although this modification can be useful for lots of companies, the pricing format of AWS is quite difficult to comprehend in the long run.


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Microsoft Azure Web services

Azure provides a comprehensive variety of solutions for application development requirements at present. It provides you with the ability to organize and also cope with virtual machines as a scale. It would be possible for you to compute at any capacity you require within a short period. Furthermore, in case your custom application has to run large-scale parallel batch computing, it will be able to handle this as well. This feature is unique to Azure as compared to the Google Cloud Platform.



While considering the pricing of this platform, it is essential to remember that the costs will be depending on the product types required by the development team. The price of the hourly server might vary from $0.099 every hour to $0.149 every hour. Obviously, if these prices are measured simply per instance, they will not appear to be consistent. Nevertheless, the prices are quite comparable to Amazon Web services while you consider the price of every GB of RAM.



Microsoft has introduced Azure and we are all using Microsoft products at present in some way or the other. In that case, this platform can be a fantastic choice for any cloud provider.

Although it provides simple migration strategies, migration can prove to be a breeze for Microsoft outlets. It likewise offers the advantage of familiarity depending on tools known and used by many individuals out there.

One more advantage of Azure is the fact that it emphasizes hybrid cloud models. Lots of companies might like to explore a cloud option that combines all-premise infrastructure with cloud services. In that case, this platform can be ideal since they provide a hybrid cloud option for their clients.



Amongst the main drawbacks of Azure, mention may be made of the pricing structure, which can be somewhat difficult to navigate. Although it provides flexible pricing, some experts will be required to make sure that your company is obtaining the best option for pricing. Moreover, unlike Amazon Web services, Azure does not have lots of features plus global data centers.


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Google Cloud services

We like to mention once again that this particular platform provides lots of services for the developers. You might be interested in the App Engine product being a part of a mobile app development team. This will enable any developer to develop applications without having to deal with the server. It is a comprehensively managed solution for creating applications easily and quickly. Moreover, you will be able to perform top-level storage, computing, databases, and networking with Google Cloud services. These are all fantastic products to use, which will depend on the application development type you are working on.



This particular platform comes with a pay-as-you-go pricing billing to the usage every second. It likewise provides discounts for long-term use, much to the convenience of the users. This will be fantastic if you like to commence a brand-new project on mobile app development and would like to keep the prices low.



It is the innovative approach to machine learning, analytics, Big Data, and containerization, which helps to make Google apart from the rest. It won’t be surprising in case Google is developing innovative approaches in terms of the cloud.

Apart from this, GCP operates on the identical infrastructure used by Google, including YouTube, Google Search, and Gmail. This infrastructure happens to be the fastest and largest on the planet, which implies that customers will expect dependable and quick performance.



One significant drawback of Google cloud services is that it provides less scope for the features than the other providers mentioned here. Apart from this, Google has the least number of data centers, unlike the other two providers.


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You need to consider lots of features while comparing AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud. Instead of selecting any one solution, it will be a sensible idea to use enterprise cloud services that will be satisfying your development requirements. This can either be only one cloud provider or several services from a couple of providers can also be combined to get the best results. It is imperative to come across the proper mix of solutions that would be appropriate for your development requirements.




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