List of Top 10 Most Popular Azure Services

List of Top 10 Most Popular Azure Services

31 August, 2020 by img Jatin Panchal in Azure Web App
List of Top 10 Most Popular Azure Services

As announced by Microsoft, Microsoft Azure was launched in the year 2008. Commercially available in 2010, the Azure platform was initially referred to as Windows Azure. There has been an increasing demand for Azure app services during the last few years. In fact, approximately 90% of the businesses in Fortune 500 are operating their companies using Azure.

Enterprises will be able to use Azure cloud services for deploying, building, as well as managing complicated or simple apps easily. Azureā€™s support for different types of programming languages, operating systems, databases, devices, and frameworks happens to be extensive. Consequently, it is possible for well-known Azure cloud services intended for the enterprises to modify the traditional viewpoints on organizational procedures.


Why should you select Microsoft Azure Services?

The primary reason to emphasize on the best Azure app services is more than Microsoftā€™s reputation. The benefits of these services might assist in identifying the exact reasons that influence the success of these services.

  • Firstly, it will be possible for you to take advantage of outstanding PaaS and IaaS capacities with an exclusive combination of services. Enterprises will be able to outsource their setup on Azure by making use of IaaS solutions and they can also pay as per the usage. Afterward, companies could make use of PaaS solutions on Azure to easily create their web and mobile applications.

  • With Azureā€™s design on a Security Development Lifecycle, security facilities related to core Azure services are obvious. Efficient operating and data protection on the Azure cloud is, therefore, a beneficial consideration for companies.

  • Hybrid features such as simple mobility and a wide variety of hybrid interfaces such as virtual private networks support efficiency and accessibility enhancements.

  • Azure’s SQL and NoSQL application tools, along with in-built resources for deeper analysis into accessible data are admirable. Therefore, it is easier to discover insights for company operations and decision-making.

  • Microsoft Azure does have a very simple learning curve which enhances Azure’s demand for the services. The programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, and C# are appropriate for developing cloud-native Azure apps. Consequently, consultants could effectively build corporate cloud-based software leveraging top Azure resources.

  • Finally, Azureā€™s pay-as-you-go platform guarantees cost-effectiveness by leveraging the resources it provides. In addition, cost savings in the form of savings in network management and IT administration propel the implementation of the Azure services.


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Top Azure service list

Microsoft Azure happens to be on the proper track to provide other entrants in the cloud computing industry with a strong rivalry. The pace with which companies can deploy new and well-known Azure cloud services is accountable for Azure’s accelerated development.

Taking this into consideration, we will now discuss the top 10 most well-known Azure services.


1. Virtual Machines

These are one of Azureā€™s main offerings in the Compute group. This particular service helps to create Windows as well as Linux virtual machines almost instantaneously. The most important feature of this Azure platform is the VM’s services as per your requirements. Microsoft Azure will enable you to get Compute-optimized VMs, Burstable VMs, general-purpose VMs, as well as Memory-optimized VMs.


2. Azure DevOps

The initial entry amongst the most well-known Azure services on the market happens to be the Azure DevOps. These services are appropriate for superior collaboration as well as smarter dining for ensuring quick delivery. Azure DevOps systems help to leverage validated agile tools to plan, monitor and discuss the work between various teams.

In addition, users may see Azure DevOps resources as ideal options to develop, evaluate, and deploy using CI/CD. This also provides unrestricted exposure to cloud-hosted personal Git servers, and collaboration to create quality code through sophisticated file management as well as pull requests.


3. Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB happens to be amongst the most well-known Azure cloud computing facilities at present. An internationally distributed and comprehensively menaced database system is provided by Azure Cosmos DB. In fact, international distribution happens to be turnkey in character and likewise includes transparent multi-master duplication.

Cosmos DB limits read and writing latencies to one-digit milliseconds, thus ensuring the availability of 99.999%. Cosmos DB is likewise multi-model with endpoints compliant with wire protocol APIs.


4. Azure Active Directory

This is the subsequent addition to the most well-known Azure cloud computing resources. It serves as a platform for universal identity management and identity protection. It happens to be an enterprise identity service providing multi-factor authentication as well as single-sign-on to protect users from most cybersecurity threats.

Identity-based authentication provides greater opportunities for the protection and governance of consumers. The single sign-on facility can allow consumers from everywhere to obtain easier access to their applications. Above everything, a single identification network facilitates improved and safe communication of both internal as well as external consumers.


5. API management

API management is likewise amongst the most effective Azure web app services that can be found at present. It helps to publish, manage, evaluate, and protect APIs within several minutes. API Management system of Azure happens to be a turnkey system that is best designed for distributing APIs to internal as well as external clients.

You can quickly produce sophisticated and reliable API gateways for established backend services regardless of the location of the hosting. Apart from publishing and maintaining them with API Management of Azure, you will also have access to microservice architectures through APIs.

With the provision of a developer platform and the corresponding tools, you can use the designated user model as per your preference. Apart from this, you can choose a serverless consumer-based user model for automatic scaling, built-in high availability, as well as instantaneous provisioning.


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6. Azure Backup

The backup service of Azure is also amongst the most well-known Azure web app services which are extremely in-demand amongst enterprises. An azure backup is a perfect tool to simplify data protection against ransomware and human errors. It happens to be an inexpensive backup solution that needs only a single click. This service can be used for the backup of SQL workloads as well as Azure Virtual machines.

Using a Linux fsfreeze and Windows VSS snapshot can aid in restoring information with preserved application consistency. The main backup control system at Azure will enable efficient resource and task management.


7. Azure Content Delivery Network

The Azure Content Delivery Network is amongst the most well-known Azure app services which offer the advantages of secure and dependable content delivery as well as acceleration. Azure CDM is able to integrate successfully with other Azure services including Web Apps, Cloud Services, and Storage.

Azure CDN’s capacity to handle unexpected traffic or load surges is also a notable feature. Azure CDN happens to be developer-friendly and provides exciting protection capabilities on the network of content distribution. It also offers the benefit of sophisticated analytics which can help to obtain knowledge about consumer workflows as well as market requirements.


8. Logic Apps

Logic Apps are amongst the most effective Azure tools and are slowly gaining popularity in creating efficient integration solutions for their applications. A prominent feature is the massive network of cloud-based, SaaS connections like Office 365, Google Cloud, and Twitter.

It will help to connect apps, data, and devices virtually in any location. In addition, Logic Apps’ B2B functionality helps to operate better with trading partners via Electronic Data Interchange standards.


9. Azure Bots

The penultimate addition in this comprehensive list of the most well-known Azure web app services happens to be Bots which fall under the Automation group. Consumers use bots for chatting for various service issues and consumer support. Thus, the service offered by Azure Bot may further boost customer experience by taking advantage of the bots’ automation capabilities.

The bot framework offers everything required for building and connecting bots, and thus it does not exert any sort of pressure on the developers. Consequently, bots can help to interact with consumers on different types of platforms.


10. Azure Site Recovery

Last, in this list, we have mentioned the Azure Site Recovery which has become quite popular amongst enterprises at present. It offers an inbuilt disaster recovery facility for your company along with exclusive features for flexibility as well as simplicity. Azure Site Recovery can be set up in some simple steps by means of replicating an Azure Virtual Machine various Azure localities.

Arranging multi-tiered programs operating on different virtual machines in a series tends to reduce recovery problems. Most critical of all, by allowing Site Recovery, you will ensure conformity with industry regulations such as ISO 27001.



We like to conclude this article by mentioning that Azure cloud services are appropriate for different business operations. Azure’s broad variety of services bewilders when it comes to choosing the best Azure program. Nevertheless, it is imperative for any organization to consider its requirements prior to going for a particular set of Azure app services.

On the contrary, the services discussed here are used in various applications by lots of companies. It is imperative to consider the value in terms of making the ultimate choice of services. Enterprises’ ultimate goal would be to build a secure cloud platform for the creation of reliable and cost-effective apps.

For all those who work on the Microsoft Azure portal, a sound understanding of the AWS services is imperative. In case you’re an Azure aspirant training for some Azure certification, you’ll consider this article to be useful.


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