How To Create A Custom Workout App- A Complete Guide

How To Create A Custom Workout App- A Complete Guide

17 April, 2023 by img Rahul Panchal in Fitness App Development
How To Create A Custom Workout App- A Complete Guide
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Are you excited to develop a fitness/workout app? Because of their current popularity, these applications made an instant spike in the industry. Multiple healthcare entrepreneurs are interested in developing these fitness apps but are worried about the cost. If you want to enter the fitness world, it’s time to launch your fitness workout application in the market.

But from where should you start? Yes, you may have probably a bunch of questions in your mind. This is why we come up with this blog to clarify all your doubts about the Cost to Build a Custom Workout and Training App. In this blog, you will get a complete review of the cost and factors that affect & the development stages. Let’s begin!

The Major Fitness Apps Are Getting Viral In The Market!

Most of us have fitness/workout applications on our phones, especially after Covid. The fitness app raises its bar among people because of standard wellness. The fitness app comes with the ideal gym equipment, the best diets and an enhanced level of exercise plans. Some apps also track fitness activity and suggest the best recommendations based on health assessments. Let’s look at some common types of workout apps which are getting viral nowadays.

     1. Workout Apps

The role of workout apps is to help users strategize their fitness activity plans. These apps come with audio & video guides for users to exercise by following the trainer’s instructions. It also contains some useful information in text & images, a calendar to schedule the next plans and many more. You can also develop an app based completely on certain niches, for example, yoga & meditation.

     2. Activity Tracker App

These apps track your activity through your physical movements. With these applications, you can successfully measure how many steps you have taken, how many calories you lost, your pulse rate and the distance covered. Some of us think these apps only minimize their space for smartwatches, but you are wrong! You can broaden its space and utilize its basic & advanced features of this.

     3. Diet & Nutrition App

We all know nutrition is crucial when you start the workout. These apps are widely used where it focuses mostly on the balanced diet menu. It helps you follow a specific diet, such as Paleo, Keto or intermediate fasting. The app also contains recipes you can prepare by watching the videos and instructions mentioned in the text & images. Here a person can also track his/her eating habits, count calories and much more.

All the apps discussed above also allow connecting with professionals and asking them queries. You can connect with the supportive community to share your feelings.

Want to develop any similar apps for fitness? Look at the features of the workout training app that must be included!

Features That Every Workout & Training App Must Have

create Fitness Workout App

     1. Simple Process For Signing Up

Creating an account should be easy and scalable. If you don’t want to lose your users make this step quick by only asking for the required information to submit. To ensure safety, integrate the system that sends a verification code to the user after registration.

     2. Integration Of Social Media

By integrating social media features, you can make the process easier for the users. This feature lets users share their fitness results and other information directly on social media.

     3. Integrating Wearable & Non-Wearable Tools

If talking about the features, synchronization of apps to the wearable device is necessary. The workout training apps should allow users to synchronize to wearable & non-wearable devices such as Smartwatches, Alexa, Google Home and more. This feature empowers users to track their workout activities and maintain their routines in a user-friendly way.

     4. Geolocation

Integrating this feature, you can allow your users to track the routes and directions of pathways. They can locate their current routes using a map and share them with the social media application.

     5. Push Notifications

This is the best way to motivate the users. Workout & maintaining fitness is all about consistency. Skipping your workout routine and missing meals doesn’t make you reach the goal. This is how push notifications are great for reminding users.

     6. Video Tutorials

When you develop a workout app, integrating video tutorials are must. It helps to catch the tricks and steps of a workout easily. It could be better to divide the video tutorials into three parts, from beginner to advanced level.

     7. Safe Online Payment

Add the safe payment gateway option in your app so that users can easily purchase them. It ensures the safety & security of users. It would be preferable if you integrate a barcode scanner into it.

     8. Activity Log

When it comes to workout & training apps, integrating the activity log is a must. This feature helps users to reach their aim easily. It helps to give you better productivity & promise. It shares the progress analytics & calendar workout log.

     9. Online Consultation

A workout app won’t be successful when it doesn’t have a professional trainer. Giving online consultation features makes the users more excited and trusted. Integrating an online community feature where anyone can share their experience would be better.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Developing A Custom Workout App

     1. Features You Want To Integrate

The cost of developing an application depends on what features you want to include. We have already listed a bunch of features that should be there in your app. But the decision is yours based on your requirement and budget.

     2. Choose A Platform

The platform type also determines the workout & fitness app. You must choose the right tech stack, but before that, decide which platforms you want to access your app. If you go for multiple platforms, the development process & cost will be higher!

     3. Designing & Development Team

The cost of the workout app also depends upon the team you have hired for design and development. Building an application from the in-house team will cost you less, but going with an outsourcing team asks you for a higher cost.

     4. UI/UX Design & Backend Infrastructure

Integrating the backend infrastructure also impacts the application’s cost. Depending on the needs, you must look for UI/UX infrastructure. This is something that influences the user experience. Based on these criteria, the cost & time of development will be highly impacted.

     5. Third-Party Integration

Integrating the third-party application into your app is also necessary. Yes, it increases the development cost but brings many other benefits.

     6. Maintenance & Support

If you want a better maintenance & support team, you must pay extra costs. But investing some extra penny will give you benefits.

     7. Location Of The Team

The cost of app development also depends upon the location of the development. Different companies offer different pricing quotes for developing applications. No matter whom you choose, go through their skill set, portfolio and all to prevent miscommunication.

Steps Of Developing Workout Application

Steps Of Developing Workout Application

When you hire the right app developer from a Mobile App Development Company, you can successfully launch your app in the market. Here we share the process of development.

     1. Develop Specifications

In the initial stage of development, you must entail certain strategies and list the features you desire to integrate into your application. Deliver whatever concept you have decided for your applications. The developers will listen to you and add some more ideas from their side to make your application significant.

     2. Designing

Designing comes first, then the development procedure. Have you ever seen someone who built a house without a blueprint? No right? This is why visual components are crucial. You should hire developers who have great ideas on backend & frontend designing. Hire a dedicated app development company helps to create a seamless design. This step is crucial for designing flawless apps that resonate with the highest quality standards.

     3. Integrate MVP

To speed up the project delivery, you can start with the MVP. This stands for a minimal viable product. You must list the elements based on elements & essential features that effectively convey your concept to the users.

     4. Upload Contents

Once you finish the production phase, you can upload the content to your app through audio, video, text and images. The production of content is a time-consuming procedure, that’s why it should be carried out efficiently.

     5. Debugging

Once the above-discussed steps are completed, the project will be delivered to the team of testers. The testing specialist will debug the errors if there are any.

     6. Launch & Review

You are set to launch the app on your desired platform. You should always turn on your feedback section to get the necessary information or feedback from the users and rectify your mistakes.

This is how you can develop a successful application with the help of dedicated experts and professionals. Let’s take an estimated time limit for developing a workout app.

How Long Does It Take To Develop An Application?

    1. Designing

The app development projects start with the designing phase. The expert designers will research your business and competitors and blueprint a design. They send an outline to their manager and the client. Once they get permission, they will start work on it. This whole thing takes almost 100 to 150 hours.

     2. Development

After the design, the development process takes place. During this phase, the team of developers works on your project. This step takes some extra time because of the coding. The step requires a better team and a person with high skill. In this process, they will integrate all the features you want to add and make your application ready. The time limit in this step can vary based on the complexity. Overall this procedure takes almost 200-1000 hours almost.

     3. Testing

This is the final stage of the app development procedure. Some of the developers skip this part, but this is the crucial part. In this process, the tester will debug the errors. The entire process can take almost 80-200 hours.

By concluding all the above-discussed factors, we can conclude the entire app takes almost 400 to 1000 hours to complete.

How Much Do I Have To Pay To Create An App?

The Cost to Build a Custom Workout and Training App depends upon the factors described before. Creating an MVP custom workout app having basic features costs at least $10,000 to $50,000. If you are looking for an app fully featured with advanced customizations, the cost can reach $100k. So, it all depends upon your budget and requirements.

Speed Up The Development Process Of The Custom Workout App

Do you want to speed up the process of development? If yes, here in the below section, we have mentioned a few factors that seep up the procedures.

     1. Don’t Miss The Initial Phase

You shouldn’t miss the initial phase because it covers the essential components. You must take your time for additional research. This idea helps you to mitigate future problems.

     2. Use A Better Approach

You should use a better approach to developing the app. Start with the MVP and then start adding features based on your specifications.

     3. Dedicated Time For Building Architecture

You must consider non-functional requirements. Powerful architecture helps to make the workout application more reliable and scalable. It helps to grow the user base.

     4. Decrease The Marketing Time

In this way, you can start getting meaningful feedback as much as possible. It helps to make production faster. To speed up the procedures, you can choose to automate testing.


The downloading rate of fitness apps is getting higher & higher day by day. The fitness application is the ideal way to help your business get greater customers. Moving with the right strategy and development plans is necessary to increase your client base and engage your products & services.

People who rely on the fitness industry must develop an application for making their reach to the global media. This is the best marketing idea you can choose to expand your business. In this article, we have outlined the features, cost, time, and many more factors to make your app development process faster & efficient. You can talk with a Mobile App Development expert for more information.

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