Top Trends in Healthcare App Development to Rule in 2024 Market

Top Trends in Healthcare App Development to Rule in 2024 Market

15 February, 2024 by img Jatin Panchal in Healthcare App Development
Top Trends in Healthcare App Development to Rule in 2024 Market
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Blog Synopsis: The healthcare industry has been adapting to new technologies and advanced equipment. COVID has proven to have various after-effects on the health sector growth. There have been some remarkable healthcare app development trends in recent times. It becomes necessary for healthcare professionals and institutions to learn and execute them. The article appeals to some of the primary technological trends in healthcare app development and its futuristic viewpoint.

Around the world, the mHealth (mobile health) market size was expected to reach USD 63.5 billion in 2023. It is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.7% from 2024 to 2030. These figures are the results of the evolution of healthcare technology in the form of healthcare app development trends and are expected to move in 2024 & Beyond

Nowadays, healthcare app development is necessary for implementing future solutions like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer better healthcare services and improve patient outcomes.

Thus, it is crystal clear that the advancement in mobile app development trends in the healthcare industry. Alongside this, the response of people towards health services through mobile phones is also encouraging. Because they can get health assistance for any emergency and can also consult remotely. 

Developing a healthcare mobile app is important for patients, health institutions, doctors, and everybody related to it. It will enhance health and medical facilities delivery. Let’s delve into some of the important facts and figures to evaluate their significance.

Latest Analysis of Healthcare Application Development Market

With the flexibility of industries towards new trends, the health and wellness sector has put their service in the user’s mobile phones. Consequently, different app stores host nearly 350,000 mhealth applications. Moreover, 41,517 medical and healthcare apps are now available on the platform like the Apple store and 54,546 medical and healthcare apps are now available on the platforms like the Google Play store.¬†

The list has the best healthcare app ideas which are classified into different categories, such as health apps, fitness apps, telemedicine apps, and medical apps. If looking into the health market size, the market value is predicted to grow by 18.2% and USD 243.57 billion by the end of 2023. Hence, you can also learn how to develop healthcare apps. Our guide has elaborated on the comprehensive process in it. 

Even these innovative healthcare apps are playing a crucial role in encouraging and motivating people to stay fit and healthier. Some studies show that nearly 86.3 million people depend on fitness and health apps to get a rich and healthy lifestyle. 

However, the growing healthcare industry has been affected extensively during the COVID-19 pandemic. It resulted in the rising adoption of solutions like Healthcare software development. 

COVID-19 Analysis Of Healthcare Software Development

During the pandemic situation, the only positive response that has been observed is toward the rising access to healthcare services. The utilization of telemedicine applications in the Netherlands and US market has skyrocketed. 

Particularly in the USA, it is predicted to reach a CAGR of 15.8% and USD 25.88 Billion by the end of 2027. So, you can order medicines and professionals can access patient records from software. 

When it comes to telemedicine and medical apps, there is considerable hype among users adapting to it since the pandemic. After understanding the healthcare app acceptance rate, it is compulsory to know the healthcare mobile app trends of current and upcoming years. 

Focusing on that, some common healthcare app development trends are expected to remain in high demand in 2024 and beyond. Let’s have a look at these top trends.

top healthcare technology trends

1) Interoperability In The Healthcare Industry

Every healthcare organization maintains a proper database that includes the medical records of every patient. The interoperability trend in the healthcare industry does not require creating a new file and can be easily accessible. Even patients can get the same medical facilities for his/her treatment in a different city, which can be easily addressed through interoperability.

The major examples of interoperability are EHR and EMR. 

It helps to develop a universal database that involves all the medical records of patients that medical experts or doctors from different locations across the world can easily access. 

The development of interoperability with the help of professional mobile app development services helps to have a backup of the data. So, users can access it 24/7 whenever needed. However, different country’s governments are thinking of enforcing interoperability soon.

2) Prominence of Artificial Intelligence In The Healthcare Industry

It’s been a future-ready way to integrate artificial intelligence into the mobile app development trends in the healthcare industry. Many bigger healthcare sectors across the globe are already using artificial intelligence and getting profit out of it in the healthcare business. Many new findings show that artificial intelligence in the healthcare market is expected to grow the market size to 188 billion USD by the end of 2030.

This is because the adoption rate of AI is growing extensively every year in almost every sector. Using AI in healthcare sectors helps to raise the speed and precision of healthcare professionals’ work. The automation process reduces workload by increasing the capability of doing complicated work in a shorter time frame. 

In a nutshell, AI is the modern and top trends in healthcare app development technology. It has sort of put the healthcare industry in the driver’s seat. This intelligent technology is moving healthcare technology settings to a higher level. 

However, Artificial intelligence is predicted to climb the healthcare industry with new approaches. It includes natural language processing, clinical trial participant identifiers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical startups, and automation robotics from 2022 to 2028.

  • In general, AI is considered to be a blessing when immediate medical treatment is needed. It also helps to determine the accurate condition of patients.
  • Patients who choose AI-based solutions from the healthcare industry are not required to visit hospitals and clinics regularly. Likely, it can be the cost-effective option for medical bills.
  • If the medical staff are unavailable, an AI-based healthcare solution allows the computer system to make an immediate and accurate decision.
  • Doctors may make mistakes during treatment or while diagnosing the patient. When the healthcare industry chooses the best mobile app development services to provide AI solutions to their potential patients, they can reduce human errors.
  • The AI-based solutions help the patient to recover faster and make life-risking and complex surgeries easier.
  • AI-powered chatbots are also beneficial in scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals. It gathers the health information and analyzes the symptoms.
  • Robotics Process Automation is considered the best AI solution in the healthcare industry. It helps streamline the healthcare body process body, including early diagnostics, data entry, health payments, patient data analytics, and others.

AI-powered solutions are the top healthcare technology trend and have all the above-mentioned benefits. Thus, widely popular tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, AWS, and others have adopted these solutions.

3) Improved Cyber Security

Data breach possibilities are more apparent whenever a new technology is integrated into the healthcare industry. Hackers may invade the software and spot a loophole. Therefore, the healthcare industry must hire mobile app developers with relevant experience to prevent such issues.

These professionals know about boosting security measures by following the HIPAA regulations for the app. So, it will work effectively to improve the cyber security system in healthcare applications. When you have improved cyber security healthcare app trends, you can gain access to discrete healthcare data within the network.

top healthcare app trends

4) Digital Health With Wearable Technology

Another popular healthcare app development trend is maintaining digital health through wearable technology. Many popular organizations have adopted this wearable technology and utilized it to the maximum. Studies display that shipping of medical wearable sensor devices is expected to grow to 160 million by the end of 2024.

These smart and wearable devices are used for patient care to monitor sleep cycles, breathing, calorie intake, heart rate, etc. The development of such innovation helps to monitor the living conditions of the patient by analyzing their health-related chronic conditions.

The basic fitness and healthcare tracking apps are developed by professional mobile app development services that provide regular data updates by analyzing the patient’s activities. 

When the patient connects the wearable technology, it prepares a workout plan, fitness or healthcare fitness diet, and personalized dashboards. In the post-COVID-19 pandemic, investing in developing healthcare or fitness wearable apps can be a great idea by integrating personalization features.

5) Investing In Mental Health Application

According to the World Health Organization’s report, 1 in every 8 people suffer from one or more types of mental illness or disorder worldwide. It includes depression, regulation, thinking, stress, emotions, behavior, anxiety, sleep, and others. 

Usually, the depression and anxiety disorder rate has increased by 26% to 28% during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, such mental illnesses can be dealt with by taking the help of a psychiatrist, therapy sessions, or adopting applications.

Adopting mental health wellness is another important Healthcare App Development trend that can reduce the life-threatening causes and concerns of mental trauma. Such a kind of app development is the need of an hour. It makes healthcare centers deal with the issues of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. If looking into the mental health application market, it has been predicted that a CAGR of 18.06% and a USD 19.6 billion market size will be generated by the end of 2030.

In the present scenario, the healthcare industries are focusing on Hire Mobile App Developers to develop a better mental health exercise-based app. Having feature-rich apps can help them enhance cognitive decision-making abilities and increase their IQ. Thus, people suffering from mental illness are widely adopting the concept of mood-tracking app development.

6) Telehealth Or Telemedicine Systems

It has been observed that people are still practicing social distancing during the post-pandemic period. This has resulted in the promotion and advancement of telehealth systems. The introduction of such systems with the help of mobile app development services makes it easier for patients to receive medical aid like patient health records and on-demand consultations in one place.

This telehealth app is useful for providing better insights into a person’s health by recovering data from advanced wearable devices. The introduction of telemedicine or telehealth has revolutionized the healthcare industry. It is considered a great asset where medical facilities are unable to reach or not accessible to all. This is a cost-effective solution in remote areas.

The new healthcare app development trend of telemedicine introduces the concept of slot booking for on-demand online consultation. Patients can consult physicians/doctors/lactation consultants/psychologists, e-prescription generation, video conferencing-based consultation, and others. As a result, many patients highly use telemedicine solutions for infection/illness-related consultation, psychological therapy sessions, and chronic condition assessment.

The worldwide telehealth market size is predicted to grow by 24% CAGR between the forecast periods of 2023 to 2030. Also, the demand for telemedicine is growing because it provides better outcomes and fast treatment and creates more awareness about telemedicine. Moreover, the introduction of telemedicine helps reduce hospital readmission issues.

7) Internet of Things (IoT) in Health & Wellness 

In the present scenario, virtually connected internet technology or the Internet of Things is widely influencing the healthcare industry. Some current findings disclose that IoT solutions are adopted in healthcare sectors. Accordingly, it is predicted to grow to USD 253.7 billion by the end of 2026.

The demand for IoT-based health apps is growing because they care for patient’s comfort levels and give comprehensive healthcare. Moreover, it is also used to access valuable patient data and provide solutions through RPM or Remote Patient Monitoring. This type of solution has many advantages for a patient taking remote treatment and dealing with chronic disease conditions.

It has been identified that RPM solutions are highly adopted during the post-Covid-19 pandemic period. Research shows that the RPM market size is projected to grow to USD 175.2 billion by the end of 2027.

The IoT system can be connected with some medical equipment and advanced devices to operate effectively in the treatment process. Likely, it will offer refined and more accurate report insights. In the present scenario, the top adopted IoT healthcare app solutions are Rehabilitation Systems, Body Vitals monitoring, ECG Monitoring, and others.

8) Augmented & Virtual Reality for Patient-centric Applications

The utilization of augmented and virtual reality is driven to be beneficial to patients. They can virtually connect with healthcare consultants and get their treatment overview. Although the number of such implications in healthcare mobile apps is very few, it is anticipated to have wider coverage in the future.

Thus, if you take advantage of such top healthcare app trends now, the chance of your app success increases by 10 times. Accordingly, you can serve and manage patients efficiently. AR/VR assists in diagnosing and proceeds to make treatment and diet charts for patients. Hence, patients and doctors can utilize the virtual environment optimally. 

Apart from these healthcare app development trends, some other trending options like Big Data Analytics, blockchain technology, Gamification, Women’s Wellness Apps, and others in the healthcare industry can bring more innovation to the healthcare industry.

It’s a Wrap!

The advanced medical treatments and the digital landscape are progressing the healthcare industry. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s necessary to undertake the current healthcare app development trends like Interoperability, Artificial Intelligence, wearable technology, IoT, blockchain technology, etc.¬† It will have a higher ROI and build brand value in the market.¬†¬†

Without any further, you must hire healthcare app developers with the required skills and experience. When you integrate top trends in healthcare app development, your app will get unique value propositions. Accordingly, your app’s success metrics also increase. So, you will be able to promote human welfare and health and better business opportunities.

latest trends in healthcare app development


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