Build A Discount Prescription Medicine App Like Goodrx: A Detailed Guide

Build A Discount Prescription Medicine App Like Goodrx: A Detailed Guide

19 January, 2023 by img Rahul Panchal in On Demand App Development
Build A Discount Prescription Medicine App Like Goodrx: A Detailed Guide

The development of digital technology has made it possible to carry everything in one’s hand. It took a lot of work for people worldwide to obtain a prescription to buy medicines from the pharmacy. During the covid-19 pandemic, when it was nearly impossible for people to leave their homes, the issue received much attention.

It would sound magical and comforting if someone told you that you could store all your medical coupons in one place. Since apps like GoodRx started saving lives, the development of discount prescription drug apps has become a big deal. At the right time, these medical solutions proved to be a lifesaver. Not only did GoodRx save lives when needed, but it also inspired other business owners to create an app similar to GoodRx.

What Is GoodRx?

The first and only prescription drug app on the website and mobile apps are GoodRx. GoodRx is a healthcare company headquartered in the United States that provides telemedicine services through a website and an app. GoodRx’s main goal is to provide free coupons and discounts to help people find prescription drugs and save money.

They offer free services on their website and application, which is interesting. In addition, GoodRx provides better resources for healthcare professionals, online doctor communication, lab testing options, gold membership (for additional discounts), health information, and more.

In addition, the application provides medical services for a wide range of medical conditions and prescription services, including general health and preventive care, flu symptoms, sexual treatments, UTI issues, acne treatment, short-term medicine refills, cold sore treatment, and many more. Do you want to create apps that offer discounts on prescription drugs and coupons? If that’s the case, you first need to understand how apps like GoodRx work.

How Exactly Does GoodRx Work?

The cost of a prescription drug varies from pharmacy to pharmacy, and even within the same city or street, there may be a difference of more than $100. GoodRx takes care of this issue. Simply enter the name of your medication or medical condition in the search box, and GoodRx will take care of the rest.

It compares drug prices and discounts from nearby pharmacies, collects the information, and then displays the lowest prescription prices. Additionally, it provides free coupons that you can present to the pharmacist to obtain the lowest price on your medication.

You will need to collaborate with a few well-known national pharmacies and a Mobile App Development Company to develop a medicine prescription app like GoodRx. GoodRx is associated with approximately 70,000 pharmacies, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, HEB grocery, Vons, Target, and a variety of others.

What Are GoodRx’s Best Features?


The entire process of developing a mobile app involves extensive brainstorming. The process begins with Lean canvassing and preparing the Product Requirement document. It ends with quality testing and the release of the app. After this cycle, you can anticipate flawless product development with a comprehensive list of features. In addition, if you Hire Mobile App Developer, you can inquire about the same.

A Detailed Guide: On-Demand App Development

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1. Up To 80% Savings On Prescriptions

GoodRx helps customers save money by offering coupons and discounts on prescription drugs.

  • There is no registration required for the free coupons.
  • You can shop around for the best prescription price by comparing pharmacies.
  • Include the pharmacies with the lowest prescription fee on your preferred list.
  • Show your pharmacist your free coupon to get the best deals.

2. Save On Healthcare Over 75,000 Pharmacies

  • Walmart Pharmacy
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • HEB Pharmacy
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Walgreens Pharmacy
  • Target Pharmacy
  • Kroger Pharmacy
  • Vons pharmacy
  • Safeway Pharmacy
  • And many more!

3. You Can Connect With The Doctor At Any Time And From Anywhere

When you go to the doctor in person, you must wait a lot for an appointment.

  • On the other hand, GoodRx lets you talk to your doctor online whenever you want.
  • With a gold membership, you can get the cheapest virtual care for as little as $19.
  • All of them provide medical services with certification.
  • An online drug guide that makes it easier for you to comprehend the prescription.

4. GoodRx Healthcare Services Include

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Short-term medication refill
  • Starting or refilling birth control
  • And many other

5. Service From A Pharmacist At Your Door

This nationwide feature includes licensed pharmacists. The medicine can be ordered from any location at the best price and with discounts.

6. Gold Membership

GoodRx provides gold membership for customers who require additional features.

  • More savings on healthcare services.
  • Home delivery is free.
  • Visits online at a low cost.
  • Discounts on the medication in addition.

7. Reminders And Tracking Of The Prescription

  • It is simple to keep track of prescription discount coupons on your mobile device.
  • Additionally, you can manage your medications.
  • Informs customers of the most recent service savings and discounts.
  • Manage your medical records with ease.
  • The location of the pharmacy with the lowest price can be saved.
  • Reminds you to take your prescription.

8. There Is No Need For Insurance

There is no requirement for insurance with GoodRx. GoodRx users saved up to 54% on the 100 most frequently prescribed medications by paying 37% less than the typical insurance copay.

How Much Does it Really Cost To Develop A Mobile App?

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How does GoodRx Generate Revenue?

We know that you may have inquiries similar to this: since most essential features are provided for free, how do they generate revenue? Let’s check.

They use the pricing of PBMs, allowing customers to pay the lower PBM prices. So, what exactly are pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)? Companies that manage prescription drug benefits on behalf of other payers are known as PBMs.

GoodRx is a program supported by PBMs that gives patients direct access to rebates and network discounts at the point of sale. GoodRx partners with Express Scripts, OptumRx, MedImpact, and Navitus, among other PBMs. In addition, GoodRx makes money by running advertisements, charging referral fees, and selling Gold membership services.


To Build an App Like GoodRX, you must adhere to numerous guidelines to meet industry standards. The application may not perform exceptionally compared to the competition in the app store if you miss or compromise on any of it. Before beginning app development, it is best to conduct sufficient research.



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