How to Calculate App Development Cost in 2022?

How to Calculate App Development Cost in 2022?

07 January, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in Mobile App Development
How to Calculate App Development Cost in 2022?

There are countless apps available on application stores today, and users can access anything with a few taps on their smartphones. App creation is not all about hiring developers and providing the project idea to get your app developed. It includes many more things, and mobile app development cost is one of the biggest factors before approaching the developers or an app development firm. In today’s time, there is an application for all things, and many businesses today invest in app development as it can provide them huge benefits in the future.

Developing an app involves several critical aspects which impact the total cost of app development. The general cost calculation formula is the product of hourly rates with the total time to develop the app. Even though the exact cost estimate cannot be created, you can make a rough estimate of your cost after reading this blog. But first, let’s understand some factors that influence the app development cost.


Factors That Impacts The Cost of App Development


1. Complexity of Your Application

It is one of the biggest factors that affect the cost. Numerous screens in mobile apps create unnecessary complexity and so, it is better to have a lesser screen in apps. This will reduce the app development cost as well. If you create a separate screen for each feature, then the data may remain more on the screen, but it will increase the overall cost too.


2. Features of the App

Any application looks appealing when it has some amazing features and greater functionality. The performance of the application also makes an app successful. However, you should remember that if your app has more features, the cost will also increase. So, you have to decide on some important features for your app and include only that much. If your budget is more, then you can go for more features. Certain essential features are user registration or login, a fully-fledged search bar, push notifications, and an in-app payment system.


3. App Platform

It is imperative to decide whether you desire to create a single app or a cross-platform app. iOS and Android are the two big operating systems in smartphones today. When you seek the help of an app development company to create an app for one platform, it will cost way less than when you choose to create an app for multiple platforms.


4. UI/UX Complexities

UI/UX can provide users with an enriched experience and uplift your app design. These are attractive, which grabs the attention of users. However, the more complicated your UI/UX will be, the increased cost you will have while building your app.


5. Approach Taken for Development

You should also decide which technology to use for your app development project, as the cost largely depends on the approach you opt for. There are two types of app to go for that are native mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps. Native apps are larger and have heavy processing. These are expensive and are mostly used for creating gaming apps as it needs great support. They deliver an enhanced user experience and great optimization. Native apps are built separately for Android and iOS, which can elevate the cost.

Hybrid apps are cross-platform apps where one code can be used for running the app on multiple platforms. It is comparatively low and is used for business apps, lifestyle, entertainment, and education sectors.


6. App Release Store

It is an essential step in the process of mobile app development. You should select where you want to release your app. There are two big platforms to release your apps which include Apple App Store and Play Store. The fee structure for each platform is different and has a separate set of requirements.


7. Development Partner

App development is one of the biggest investments, so you should pick the right creator. You can either go for freelancers or choose an app development company.  A freelancer can create mobile apps at a cheaper cost but hiring freelancers is a difficult task. Moreover, you have to separately hire designers and testers. If you go for a development company, they have full-time skillful professionals who can deliver apps in time and easily transform your idea into reality.


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App Development Cost Depending Upon the Development Stages

The app development cost also relies on the stages your development process includes. This process can provide you with the final estimate of your mobile app development cost. The stages are mentioned below.


1. Discovery Stage

The pre-development stage helps the developers know the app’s development, business, and technical perspectives. Product backlog’s user stories can help you to estimate the budget and time of your app development.


2. Design Stage

UI/UX designs have an important role in attracting users. The cost of design fluctuates depending on design complexity and visual element. It can take around 10 to 15% of your cost of app creation.


3. Coding Stage

In this stage, the app is created, and the cost depends on many factors like resources, features, platform, etc.


4. Testing Stage

Testing is important for ensuring the quality and functionality of your application. With various tools, the cost of your app development will also vary.


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Different factors influence the cost of app development like features, complexity, app platform, development approach, and many more. By understanding the needs of your apps, you can estimate the cost of app development. Select a proficient vendor that can deliver your app in time and fits perfectly with your budget.

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