How to Create a Great Retail App with features and cost?

How to Create a Great Retail App with features and cost?

12 January, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in Retail Business App Development
How to Create a Great Retail App with features and cost?

Right now, almost everybody owns a smartphone to perform most of their daily tasks. The importance of digital technology is comprehended by most of the companies out there which are focusing on the computer screens and smartphones of their customers. An app is required by these companies are present for interacting with the clients, marketing the products, and so on.

As compared to other businesses, these apps are more useful to retail businesses. This is because these applications will enable them to communicate with the clients as well as comprehend their requirements plus market their products and services in any location.

A comprehensive e-commerce application in the retail market can prove to be the savior of these companies in the long run. You will come across quite a few retail app development companies providing the services of personalized app development effectively. At present, there has been a modification in the trend of application development, and some hybrid apps prove to be better as compared to native apps.


Tips for Retail App Development

Tips for retail app development


1. Using smartphone technology effectively

The app must use the latest smartphone technologies in such a manner that one does not find it challenging to use them. Quite a few recent technologies like gesture control, multi-touch, and so forth aid in making the application much more interactive as well as responsive. There is no doubt about the fact that it is going to offer a wonderful user experience using the app provided the additional features are properly incorporated.


2. Creating a cross-platform application

The companies must create cross-platform apps which must be capable of functioning on any device irrespective of the OS. Thus, a lot of time can be saved, which would have been otherwise spent on developing separate applications. The developers will also be able to save lots of effort since it will be possible to retain a significant portion of the source code for various platforms. It will also be a good idea to develop online retail applications which will be capable of matching the existing application trends by adhering to the recent trends and technologies.


3. Both online and in-store functions should be supported by the app

The app must support the customers’ experiences, and they should likewise coordinate their online and in-store purchases. The stores should accept anything which they have purchased, and all the items which are being bought from the outlet should be reported on the application.

Coordination between in-store and online shopping should be encouraged because the customers will be able to buy, exchange, as well as report any product bought via the store or the application. It is likewise crucial for the information on the app or the website to be consistent so that the user does not need to jump from one location to another.


4. Analysis of customer experience

The customers should have some valid reason for storing the applications on their mobile devices and also understanding that it is important for the retail companies and developers to assess the user experiences while making use of the app. The companies can use testimonials on the outlets and their activities.

The developers must assess the experience of the users for various reasons. The app will be uninstalled by the clients in case the developers are not able to evaluate, and the customers continue facing these problems.


5. Proper design

The design of the app must be simple and attractive. The app should not be loaded with too many features so that it becomes smooth for the convenience of the users. The users should be able to move between different categories without any problem at all.

The clients will go on using the app for a long time in case the application’s layout is not difficult to communicate. In this way, the clients will get more motivation to buy the app. Nevertheless, they might not be using the app if the design is not powerful enough.


6. A social feature for the users for sharing their experience

It will be imperative for the developers to create a vertical intended for the consumers to share their experiences. In this way, it will become simple to interact with the clients. They will be able to share anything on social media according to their preference.

Instead of being a simple shopping application, the app must be a social shopping platform too. It should be able to support video as well as image content so that they can be uploaded. The users should not be compelled to use social features because most of them like to do shopping peacefully.



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Retail Mobile App Features

Retail mobile app features


It is a fact that most of the innovative features offered by customized mobile app development services are intended for retail businesses. Below, we have highlighted some of the essential features of retail mobile applications.


1. Most recent announcements

Your business blog should be integrated with your retail app for updating the app users with the most recent declarations and activities. Your blog will be the most effective way to inform the users regarding the most recent information. This particular feature is important for fresh as well as existing clients.


2. Offers and deals

Every retail app must have this feature. This feature has an important role when it comes to improving sales, including attracting clients for offers and deals as well as spreading awareness regarding the most recent deals. It will also be feasible for you to retain clients on the app with the help of event-based coupons and offers, and you can transform them into dedicated clients as well.


3. Product review and comprehensive feedback

At present, nobody likes to purchase things without first assessing them; therefore, customers are interested in the quality of the products right now before deciding to purchase them. They are also in the habit of verifying the product rate as well as order delivery. This will help the companies to enhance sales plus increase UX as well.


4. Push notifications

Push notifications can serve various objectives. This will be able to engage the app users by offering them actionable perceptions in a customized manner. Moreover, they will also help to update your customers regularly.


5. Search bar

The users might find it quite difficult to find a product by simply scrolling through the list of items. In this way, they might lose their interest in the app in the long run. However, the introduction of the search bar will help them to find a product easily. You simply need to enter some keywords associated with the products in the search bar, and that’s all!


6. Checkout option

It is a fact that the retail app happens to be an online version of the retail outlet. Consequently, the application must offer a checkout option for the users to sign out. They must likewise be able to verify what items have been added to their shopping cart. The checkout page must include the payment process, the physical address for the delivery, and so on.


7. Loyalty program

This particular feature is crucial when it comes to attracting as well as retaining clients. Moreover, the application users can be rewarded for purchases and referrals. They should be able to verify their points with the help of a retail business application even while they are traveling.


8. Mobile wallet

It will be possible to entice customers with the help of mobile wallet integration these days. The wallet happens to be a risk-free and fast way of mobile transaction. Moreover, the retail mobile application development organization should be able to include payment gateways for allowing you to provide the provision of using debit and credit cards plus net banking to your clients.

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9. Methods of payment

It will be a good idea for the app developers to incorporate virtually all the existing payment methods in the app. The majority of the consumers like to pay online, and therefore, well-known options must be included in the app for the convenience of the users. Although some of these methods might not be useful right now, they will serve the purpose in the future. An option for cash payment must likewise be available along with the application.


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Costs of Mobile Retail Apps

The cost for developing retail apps will depend on various aspects, such as the app’s complexity as well as the hourly charges of the developers. Here, we are going to emphasize the hourly rate in particular.

On average, an app developer will be charging more than $ 150 in Canada and the US. On the contrary, the developers in the Indian subcontinent are going to charge somewhere between $20 and $40 every hour. As a result, it will be a good idea to develop retail mobile applications in India. This will help you to save a lot of money and get a higher ROI as well.

Taking all these into consideration, the cost of a mobile app for retail business will be approximately $4,000 right now. However, this cost can become much more in case you like to add more sophisticated features to make it user-friendly. In such cases, the price can go up considerably.



It is a fact that creating retail mobile apps can be a complicated process in the long run. It will require a comprehensive understanding of the present marketing trends as well as UX for developing top-quality retail applications. Let us hope that this above-mentioned article will assist you in getting a good idea regarding the features provided by the retail mobile apps and their costs.

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