A Detailed Guide on MVP Feature Prioritization

A Detailed Guide on MVP Feature Prioritization

18 January, 2022 by img Rahul Panchal in Mobile App Development
A Detailed Guide on MVP Feature Prioritization

Every business having an application thinks of including more features to increase customer engagement and make the app perfect. Adding unnecessary features in the apps or digital products can cause disinterest in customers. If the features do not serve any purpose, then the app can never be successful.

To avoid this mistake, businesses should approach app development companies focusing on MVP or minimum viable products. This will help them to save their time, resources, capital, and efforts on unnecessary functionalities. Through MVP, businesses can survive well in the competitive market.

Most startups ignore one of the essential aspects in the initial stages which is the creation of MVP. Due to this, they have to bear a loss of capital and time. With the help of a mobile app development solutions company, you can develop an MVP that helps launch the product quickly. This approach enables businesses to collect the feedback of users and utilize this feedback for future purposes.

With MVP, finding the correct audience is also easier. The development of MVP benefits organizations to reduce any mistakes in their product development process. In the blog, you will understand the MVP methodology and how to decide on feature prioritization for the product’s success.


What Does MVP Mean?

MVP is the fundamental functionalities of a product that defines it and provides a solution to users’ problems. It is the product’s minimal version that is deployed for testing in the market. MVP creation demands very little time, fewer resources, and low effort as it includes minimum functionalities. The firm can create an MVP for you to collect user feedback. You can use the information to create a complete product in the future that fulfills customer requirements and meets their expectations.


MVP Feature Prioritization Overview

Feature prioritization refers to an imperative step for developing an MVP. Here the features are identified which support the basic functionalities of MVP. It aids in fulfilling the product objectives and testing the idea. The product teams emphasize feature prioritization as it identifies priorities and sets the path for the project roadmap. It also benefits businesses as the cost is reduced and only essential features are included.


Major Participants of MVP Feature Prioritization

Major Participants of MVP Feature Prioritization

During the process of MVP development, three key participants get involved in feature prioritization:

1. Project Manager

The PM or project manager helps in organizing the workflow of projects and mobilizes the team. Besides emphasizing the market success, PM defines the overall development process and assigns roles to everyone in the team. The project manager evaluates the requirements of the project and provides all important documentation. Moreover, PM tracks the progress of development and handles many more things.

2. Business Analyst

The BA in an organization finds out challenges, opportunities and shows solutions to stakeholders. Business Analysts work with the product owner to handle issues like forecasting, monitoring, and budgeting of the development work. The BA also sort out the product backlog.

3. Client

The client is an agile team member and provides the business scope while defining user stories. Even though the client does not plan a strategy for roadmap prioritization, the input provided by the client is important for implementing the strategy. The product Manager receives the responsibility of sorting the backlog of the team by the client.


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Steps To Prioritize MVP Development Features

There are two steps for prioritizing the features that you should know before accessing the app development companies. These crucial steps are mentioned below.


1. Understanding the Business

Having an in-depth idea about the field of business can help you a lot in prioritizing your product development. Moreover, you must have a properly defined business objective. Learning some things from successful startups can also help in prioritizing features. You have to analyze their roadmap, new features, eliminate unnecessary ones, and scale up to make your product better.


2. Creating Product Strategy

The product development team can define MVP’s scope by working with you. It will enable both parties to remain on the same page and find out features that qualify for MVP. Through meeting with the product manager and other important participants, you can prioritize the features. A proper discussion with the entire team can also help in the inspection phase so that the MVP features can be further prioritized based on field data.


Stages for Roadmap Prioritization

For roadmap prioritization, two stages are the information gathering stage and the feedback organization stage. In the information-gathering stage, the higher data volume related to the business scope is collected. The data can be from past customers or target audiences, and all this can be gathered through survey results, email messages, social media, or any other method.

After gathering all the information, a thorough evaluation of it is necessary. In the feedback organization stage, you have to find out the reason for the issues, which you can correct in the future. This will save your time as well as resources.


Stages for Bug Reports Prioritization

To fix bugs in the product, you have to categorize the bug into groups. Then you can proceed to bug prioritization by considering several factors such as complainers, their dissatisfaction, the number of complaints, and the necessity of fixing it.


Stages for Product Features Prioritization

First, you have to get the feature requests from users’ stories and group them based on similarities. Also, prioritize the recommendations given by users. You should carry out the process after analyzing many things like the number of people who requested one particular feature, the request’s relevancy, the importance of the feature, and many more things. All these will help in creating an amazing product.

Wrapping Up

Feature Prioritization is quite essential for MVP development and the creation of a product that will become successful. Each team member in the development process has a key role in improving the product. It is surely a complicated process, but MVP feature prioritization can help businesses sustain themselves in this competitive world.

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