Nuxt 3 Is Arriving with Great Features

Nuxt 3 Is Arriving with Great Features

01 October, 2021 by img Rahul Panchal in Nuxt.js
Nuxt 3 Is Arriving with Great Features

After the stable release of Vue 3 earlier, along with libraries and first-party tools migration, people will see more open-source tools moving towards Vue 3. This is the time for the Vue framework for making a jump too. Here the discussion is about Nuxt.js. It will officially get into public beta, and one can benefit from the NuxtJS development services. Nuxt.js is a framework built on Vue.js that provides amazing development features like server-side rendering, auto-generated routes, and SEO improvements.

Most front-end developers prefer Nuxt.js. With the help of this innovative technology that has some great features, your project gets better when you hire NuxtJS developer for that. But for now, the Nuxt 3 is in the news as it is rebuilt for the advanced modern web. In this blog, you will learn about the improvement in it and whether you should switch to it or not.


Current Status of Nuxt 3

Before proceeding to the new features, know the present status of the Nuxt 3. After a lot of delays, finally, Nuxt 3 is going to release on 21st October in 2021. This is now officially announced at Nuxt Nation that it will launch at the mentioned date with a dedicated website page which is good news for all. It is now in the private beta, and access is provided to the development team as well as close partners of Vue core only. Moreover, it is worth mentioning the Nuxt website redesign and fresh branding identity.


New Features of Nuxt 3

As the release date of Nuxt 3 is out, everyone is curious about the improvements and new features that will come with Nuxt 3. All details about it are explained below.


1. General Optimizations

It brings several improvements and general optimizations. The consequence is a much smaller size of bundles and has a 20% lighter core than Nuxt 2. It also has better performance, and the developers can notice it during development. All this is possible due to server engine Nitro with dynamic code-splitting and cold starts. There are other tooling parts upgrades, too, and Webpack 5, ESBuild, Vite, PostCSS 8, etc., support is also available. This makes both production builds and development extremely fast.


2. TypeScript

Along with the migration of Vue 3, the Nuxt 3 supports ES Modules or ESM and TypeScript. It is now adopting it to provide an enhanced development experience. Such a move relates to Vue 3 and its entire ecosystem. The integration of tight TypeScript will deliver type-checking to the codebase of Nuxt 3. It will provide better error detection and auto-completion. Even without using TypeScript, you will be able to utilize everything else in Nuxt without any problems.


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3. Vue 3

It is no surprise that Nuxt 3 is Vue 3-based, which provides a tailored experience to the newest versions of Vue. It means:

  • Enhanced routing with the Vue Router;
  • New and modular utility for composition API;
  • Suspense integration and improved data fetching.


4. Hybrid Rendering

Now you can get hybrid rendering for the NuxtJS development services as Nuxt 3 introduced it. These features will enable you to determine whether and for what time you want the pages to render dynamically or statically. More information about it will come with its beta release.


5. API Routes

When you hire NuxtJs developer, the individual can easily build and run the server API like any other framework. A new directory will be placed for the server APU, and the functions will be in server/functions/. Moreover, the API routes will be coupled with an isomorphic fetching system, and better serverless support will mark one great step in the correct direction.


6. Nitro Engine

This is a most awaited feature of Nuxt 3. The Nitro engine drives several performance improvements along with new features. Its benefits include:

  • Hybrid rendering or its ability to combine SSG and SSR.
  • Cold starts as well as dynamic server code-splitting.
  • The possibility to deploy to systems that support JavaScript.
  • API routes such as pages.
  • Deployment is possible to all serverless platforms.


7. Cross-Platform Support

Over the years, JavaScript has rapidly evolved, and now several JS-powered platforms emerged. The lightweight polyfills and enhanced dependency tracking make Nuxt 3 one of them. It will run quite seamlessly in all JavaScript environments. It includes Deno, Cloudflare Workers, Node.js, and other Service Workers.


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8. Nuxt Bridge

Nuxt 3 may seem like a good upgrade, but the biggest problem is the compatibility. In Vue 3, many changes were there when Vue 2’s tools and libraries needed an upgrade. But how hard can it be for Nuxt 3 up-gradation? Well, Nuxt Bridge is the solution. It is the project to bring all Nuxt 3 features into Nuxt 2. Such a move helps make the migration smoother and lets Nuxt 2 users utilize improvements who do not wish to upgrade all of a sudden.

The back-ported features comprise:

  • Nitro engine;
  • Devtools and Nuxt CLI;
  • Built-in TypeScript and ESM support;
  • Vite Integration.

It also simplifies every upgrade for the entire Nuxt ecosystem. Modules and legacy plugins will work, and Nuxt 2 config file will become compatible. Many Nuxt 3 APIs remain unchanged and allow for more progressive upgrades.



People are excited about Nuxt 3, and developers are waiting for its release. After so many delays, it will be in public, and it will include numerous features that will improve the projects. With performance improvements and the adoption of APIs, Nuxt 3 is something great to transition into.

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