Python VS. C#: A Detailed Comparison and How to Choose

Python VS. C#: A Detailed Comparison and How to Choose

26 November, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in ASP.Net Development
Python VS. C#: A Detailed Comparison and How to Choose

Python and .Net Core or C# both are liked by developers. Both of them are OOPS concept-based, have an easy learning curve, and provide faster development along with good performance. As both languages are powerful, the comparison will be helpful for developers of ASP.Net or Python development services and business owners. But before diving into the comparison, take a look at each programming language to better analyze the major differences.


C# Overview

Microsoft develops and maintains C# or C-sharp, which is a modern object-oriented programming language. Anders Hejlsberg developed C# as the alternative to C++ and C#. So, you can see certain structural similarities between C# and the two languages above. Moreover, it has numerous updated features. C# is developed for CLIs or common language infrastructures that contain runtime settings and executable codes.


Advantages of C#

1. Pure Object-oriented Programming Language

As a pure object-oriented programming language, C# enables the creation of reusable codes and modular, maintainable apps.


2. Type-safe

Through type safety, objects of a type cannot sneak into the memory of other objects. Such a feature helps developers providing ASP.NET development services to avoid any mistakes during compile-time and run-time.


3. Excellent integrity and better interoperability

Apps that are coded in .NET possess better interoperability and integrity with all .NET technologies. As it is executed on CLR, the C# guarantees simple integration and components coded in various languages.


4. Automatic GC or garbage collection

The system rarely lags as C# automatically and constantly eliminates all the garbage. This is why companies offering ASP.NET development services enjoy working with C#.


5. Rich libraries

In C#, there is the availability of many rich libraries that fastens the entire development process of your project and eases the function implementation process.


C# Applications

There are many C# applications such as backend services, Windows client apps, web apps, Android and iOS mobile apps, Windows components and libraries, Web API and services, IoT devices, Machine learning and AI, and video games.


Python Overview

Python is an all-purpose interactive, high-level language. Python is an object-oriented language that utilizes English keywords sometimes as multiple languages utilize punctuation. It has very few syntactic constructions compared to other languages. Python is dynamically typed, interpreted, and a scripting language that offers easy debugging and helps in speedy application prototypes development.


Advantages of Python

Advantages of Python

1. Easy to read, learn and code

Developers mostly prefer the language as it has an English-like syntax. It becomes quite effortless for learning, writing, and reading codes in Python compared to other languages.


2. Interpreted language

The codes run line-by-line in the interpreted languages. If the error even appears, it instantly reports about the error and stops all further executions.


3. Extremely productive

Most of the apps’ increased speed and overall productivity are influenced by elevated control capacity, unit testing, and strong integration features.


4. Portable

If the developers, while offering the Python development services, include all system-dependent features, the program will run on multiple platforms without modifying the code.


5. Support of various libraries

All the Python libraries are immense, and one can find a plentiful of required functions inside it. If you need something else, the Python package is there with over 200,000 packages. These packages are also easily importable using the package manager.


Python Applications

Like C#, Python also has several applications like web development, business applications, web scraping, visualization, data science, CAD applications, mobile application development, embedded applications, machine learning and AI, and game development.


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Comparison of Python and C#


1. Dynamic vs. Static

C# is an exceptional statically-typed language. Its compiler offers errors for wrong typescripts, but Python has a more dynamic type-casting that provides no variable declaration requirement. C# needs an additional compiling step that is not that pleasant for programmers. It affects the time needed for testing and productivity. On the contrary, the compiler in Python identifies errors before all the errors affect the development. Moreover, this process is faster and easier.


2. Easy to Use

C# has its root from object-oriented programming. One who has a strong background in Java or wants to develop apps for Microsoft can consider C# as an excellent choice. Python developers do not have to learn a lot of language constructions, and they can learn better in development. But the C# developers need knowledge on constructions like functions and classes. On the other hand, Python just needs one-line code.


3. Performance

The performance of both languages differs a lot. Python has interpreted language, so its speed is great and depends on the interpreter like PyPy, CPython, etc. In contrast, C# is compiled language that needs more effort and time in writing code but has more efficiency in performance. C# is speeder and has better performance due to the CLI framework.


4. Application

Both the languages are used, from game development, web apps to IoT. In machine learning, only they have differences. For machine learning, Python is the popular choice, which offers developers numerous videos, tutorials, and provides a multitude of choices like Apache Spark, SciPy, etc. C# has a limited choice like ML.NET.


5. Development Speed

Python aims to create quality code using less effort and has simpler syntax compared to C#. Programmers do not even have to complete each line with semicolons with easy readability.


Wrapping Up

In the blog, you will find out multiple capabilities and options of Python and C#. But there are also some capabilities where one supersedes the other one. The code writing flexibility of Python has a huge benefit over .NET, whereas the performance is better in C#. So, you have to opt for the programming language that seems more beneficial to you.


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