Top 5 .NET Based CMS Platforms

Top 5 .NET Based CMS Platforms

15 March, 2021 by img Rahul Panchal in ASP.Net Development
Top 5 .NET Based CMS Platforms

Computer Management Systems allow the users to not only publish and edit but also modify content from respective interfaces. These types of management systems help the users to manage workflow in a collective environment. The procedures can be an automatic cascade of manual steps.

Below, we have mentioned some benefits of using CMS at present.


CMS Benefits

1. There is no need for you to be a developer

Everybody doesn’t have a computer science background, and a CMS will allow anyone who cannot upload and modify content on a site. This is one significant benefit of leveraging a content management system. Although you will require technical help for building the site, once it is configured, all types of people will manage the website. Not much training will be needed for getting the job done, and one can also update the site easily thanks to proper documentation.


2. Allows more than one user with varying levels of access

It is feasible for several folks to touch your site at your company. A CMS will enable the users to access the website, and the permissions can be controlled by you related to every user. In this way, you will be able to grant various access levels to your team members. Workflows can also be created to make certain that the content doesn’t become posted sans proper approval. Apart from this, you can also add more users through email addresses, and the admin can manage the list. Thus, an extra layer of security will exist, which would not have existed if everyone used the same credentials.


3. Streamlines design modification

You will be able to make uniform changes in sites quite easily thanks to CMS. There is no need to alter design elements manually on every page. It is quite simple, a change is made to a template, and then the alteration is applied using that template to all the pages. In this way, the visitors to your site will have a fantastic experience while navigating your site.


4. One dashboard from virtually anywhere

A user-friendly dashboard will allow you to access all these mentioned above so long as you are connected to the web. IT support will not be needed for any changes to content or text to the site. A content management system will make it possible for you to manage your site from virtually anywhere, thus reducing stress and editing time.

Now, one question might creep up in your mind regarding which you should use CMS. This will depend on the site you would like to create and the development platform you are comfy with.


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Even though you will come across quite a few useful CMSs at present, we have mentioned a list of the top 5 . NET-based CMS platforms for creating your web application or website.


1. DotNetNuke (DNN)

This happens to be an open-source, secure, extensible, and scalable CMS based on the .NET framework of Microsoft responsible for powering more than 800,000 sites across the globe. DotNetNuke is considered to be amongst the most well-known CMS-based platforms that offer a premium version with comprehensive features.

The platform aids in creating secure, modular, rich, and extremely interactive apps and websites. It features in-built tools while supporting custom-developed extensions as well.

Main features:

  • Security: DNN application’s security service has passed quite a few vulnerability tests made by financial institutions and official agencies.
  • Management of multiple sites: Remarkable multi-site management is offered by this platform for running lots of high-performance sites.
  • Workflow and user management: This platform enables developers to manage the whole site and manage the users’ workflow.
  • Remarkable ecosystem: DNN comes with a clean ecosystem that consists of a community of lots of service providers and developers.


2. Sitefinity

This platform happens to be a reliable CMS for developing great websites, intranets, blogs, and portals, as well as a simple-to-manage admin panel. Sitefinity has been designed to fulfill specific requirements of companies of various sectors at present.

Lots of innovative features are offered by Sitefinity for the enterprise. Amongst them, the simple drag and drop editor deserves special mention. Telerik has created the platform mentioned here. Sitefinity does not come with its solution for cloud hosting, and therefore, it is possible to host it in Azure or AWS. The platform has been designed depending on the business requirements of different sectors and is considered an effective industry leader.

Main features:

  • Helps to transform digital experience: Sitefinity aids in transforming the content editors’ digital experience plus generate greater ROI as well
  • Management of multiple channels: This platform provides Multi-channel support, and it aids in managing the WEB UI for CMS quite easily.
  • Customization: Sitefinity provides invaluable niche segments with customized communications that enhance sales for the company.
  • High engagement of the users: The platform aids in managing the digital experience and satisfying clients, thus scaling up the rates of engagement.


3. Kentico

Kentico happens to be a comprehensive ASP.Net cross-platform CMS for optimizing digital clients. It likewise supports e-commerce and online marketing platform services providing top-quality websites along with multiple functionalities.

Main features:

  • Support for multiple sites: Kentico provides its services as a comprehensive CMS, e-commerce, and online marketing platform appropriate for multi-site management and UI.
  • Inline-editors: It is quite simple to adjust the content because of the inbuilt inline editors, and usage of the widgets in the MVC page builder has been improved within a single click.
  • Cross-platform: Kentico offers cross-platform services and features that are comprehensively integrated across several channels.
  • Widget sections: This particular feature enables the developers to allow the marketers to figure out the type of sections or layout they will need, irrespective of whether it happens to be one or several sections.
  • Real-time technical support: Kentico is known to provide around-the-clock technical support and assistance as well as a 7-day error fixing policy.


4. Umbraco

This platform happens to be a comprehensive open-source CMS that provides the flexibility of running any website. Umbraco is known to power small campaigns and brochure sites as well as complicated applications. It is quite simple to learn and use Umbraco, which will perform for the developers, content publishers, and designers alike.

It is amongst the most remarkable content publishing applications which do not require any licensing expenses and is developer-driven. With over 300 extensions, the Umbraco developers can improve the product easily with custom functionality. The genuine .NET architecture, contemporary UI, and the active community will allow you to select this platform for your CMS development. Consequently, Umbraco serves as an appropriate platform for the development companies out there.

Main features:

  • Extremely responsive: It is possible to edit and manage the CMS quite easily, thanks to the platform’s responsive architecture and design.
  • Robust ecosystem: The Umbraco developers can take advantage of the powerful ecosystem, integrating easily with third-party tools.
  • Exclusive features: This platform comes with some exclusive features, including a device preview, a health check dashboard, and a redirect management system.


5. Orchard Project

This one is a free CMS platform that is based on the .NET MVC community system. One special feature regarding this platform is that it comes with a single installation to manage multiple sites simultaneously. It will be possible for individuals to define different media types while filling in custom metadata like author information, copyright, and taxonomies.

Main features:

  • Modular: The all-in-one modular architecture helps to separate presentation and business logic for managing content.
  • Multi-lingual: Orchard Project provides content localization features for sharing the content across the globe in any language.
  • Headless CMS: A comprehensively decoupled CMS comes with this platform to differentiate the front end with GraphQL and create single page static websites or applications.
  • Security: This platform is reputed for its upgrades and security. Simultaneously, it helps to pre-define the role played by every member of the team and monitor the history of modifications made in the content.


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In case you like to go for a CMS, you are advised to choose one that is appropriate for your company and help you generate lots of revenues. You need to go for a CMS that will provide you with almost every feature for which you need not spend a lot of money whatsoever, particularly those seldom used by you.

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