What Are the Benefits of Using Express.js for Developing Enterprise Applications?

What Are the Benefits of Using Express.js for Developing Enterprise Applications?

14 May, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in Express.JS
What Are the Benefits of Using Express.js for Developing Enterprise Applications?

Express JS is an integral part of the JavaScript ecosystem. It happens to be a back-end framework that has been built on Node JS technology. If you are thinking about what the Express JS framework is and why we should use it, we have provided a comprehensive answer to this query. However, before answering your question, we like to get some idea regarding the framework plus its evolution.

Express JS happens to be a minimalist framework that is based on the Node JS package. Enabling rapid development, Express JS aids in the integration of technologies and automation in enterprise applications.

Development becomes efficient and simpler thanks to the MVC prowess of the framework. This model-based development offers data representations using the controller.

MVC provides structured development that offers faster enterprise applications. Express JS likewise provides improved web development for companies. So, let us not waste more time and know more regarding this framework.


What do you mean by Express JS?

It is a framework that has been created in the JavaScript ecosystem based on the Node JS platform. It helps NodeJS development companies with speedy application development using a minimalistic approach.

It is known to offer astounding flexible features with enterprise-grade application development, which is scalable. We can feel the inheritance of the Node JS back-end technology within the Express JS framework.

Being a part of the MEAN stack development, Express JS is the component of a massive development stack. Service infrastructure and the power of Node JS modules help to make this framework more powerful.

As compared to the original Node JS, the coding is much simpler. This helps to make server-side coding appear simple and also offers top-notch features for the developers.

Express JS can boast of having everything for creating reliable and powerful apps with all-inclusive back-end service architectures.


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Why make use of Express JS?

  • A quicker I/O implies a speedy response to the user requests.
  • Good request processing is created by asynchronous callback feature and single thread communications.
  • Data manipulations become simpler because of the Model-View-Controller structure.
  • API’s routing prowess helps to make it more promising.
  • Express JS happens to be a web framework used for producing effective web apps.

Web apps can be created that are capable of handling more than one HTTP request simultaneously. It provides routing for web apps using several URL and HTTP methods.

It enables an Express JS developer to handle more than one request plus write responses rapidly for some particular URLs. This helps to make the user experience quite high, and the apps can achieve scalability.

Express JS framework aids the businesses to create multi-page, single-page, as well as hybrid applications.



Benefits of using Express JS

Express JS mobile enterprise app development has become quite popular among developers due to its simplicity, flexibility, performance, and extensibility. And these are all for the right reasons. Express JS happens to be an integral part of JavaScript-powered MEAN stack, unlike other stacks.

As a result, the developers can create software on the server-side by making use of JavaScript. Express JS, along with Node JS, can be employed for creating APIs for multi-page, single-page, and hybrid mobile plus web applications. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will focus on the main benefits of using Express JS for creating enterprise apps.


1. Quick app development

Express JS enables you to use the identical language, which happens to be JavaScript on the back-end and the front-end. It enables JavaScript developers to become full-stack. Consequently, the process of development is much simpler and quicker since one individual can manage data access and the presentation layer.


2. I/O request handling

Express JS will be fantastic for apps that can handle plenty of notifications and requests from the users. Uber has selected node JS because of this reason. Express JS, along with Node JS, can support lots of simultaneous actions.


3. Reducing the costs spent for hiring the developers

The process of creating mobile applications becomes simplified while using Node JS and it becomes more efficient. You can use the identical language for developing your mobile app and server.


4. Open-source community

Express JS happens to be amongst those Node JS frameworks which are widely supported. It comes with an open-source community that implies that the code is reviewed and improved at all times.


5. Simple integration of middleware and 3rd-party services

Being a minimalist framework, Express developers have created middle ware packages using this framework for solving various development issues. These consist of sessions, URL parameters, security headers, POST data, libraries, and so on.

Express JS happens to be an unopinionated framework that implies no stringent regulation on how to deal with specific tasks or which particular components to select. You can use any middle ware according to your convenience. Moreover, you will be able to decide how to structure the application since there isn’t any correct way to do it.


6. Simple to learn

According to most developers, it is not difficult to learn Express JS. Being properly documented, it is supported by a large community. Furthermore, if you are already acquainted with Backed Architecture and JavaScript, there will be no problem for you to start with it.


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Why should you choose Express JS for developing enterprise applications?

After mentioning lots of information regarding Express JS, it is now time to determine why one should select this framework for enterprise applications.


1. Flexible

Express JS happens to be a flexible framework that helps to make consistency as the pivot for your company to scale. It offers rich features such as routing for multiple request handling, content negotiations, flash negotiations, dynamic views, and app-level views.

It is a fact that a mistake will make or break your company, and for this reason, you require Express JS for enterprise applications. Any company looks for powerful solutions for their products that will handle more than one user request almost flawlessly. This framework aids in creating applications that will be capable of handling any number of HTTP requests flawlessly.


2. Speedy

For what reason is Express JS needed? The reason is quite simple to understand – every business requires quick time for marketing. In a quite competitive market, it is essential to play your cards correctly, and obtaining an innovative idea will be what you exactly require.

Express JS happens to be minimalistic and offers quick development. The most notable thing regarding this framework is that it has got the back-end power using Node JS. Therefore, if you’re an enterprise with Node JS developers, there will be no need to hire separate Express JS developers.


3. Real-world use

Many enterprises are using Express JS at present across the globe, including IBM, Storify, and MySpace. It can boast of having excellent features in-built from Node JS, which makes it an automatic choice.

However, if you are planning to use Express JS for your projects, you ought to have a comprehensive experience of MEAN stack development. In real-world enterprise apps, accuracy matters a lot, and therefore Express JS might be your ideal partner.


4. Better facility of coding

Although Node JS is awesome when it comes to coding, Express JS appears to be better. This is because this framework offers a simple syntax that helps to make Node JS models more potent for enterprise apps. If you are planning to minimize the time of development through low coding, Express JS will be the ideal framework.

Coding becomes simpler thanks to the minimalistic approach. It will be possible to create scalable applications based on Node JS. It reduces the programming time to almost half of what you will be able to expect.


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5. Angular JS compatibility

There is one reason why Express JS should be included amongst various JavaScript-based frameworks. It functions properly with others, particularly with the front-end Angular JS framework.

It is already known to us that it happens to be a back-end framework that aids in the development of application architecture and server-side programming. Angular JS helps you develop front-end representations for the information stored in the database that one can access via Express JS.


6. An integral part of the MEAN stack

It has already been mentioned why Express JS is essential for MEAN stack development. It happens to be an essential part of the entire MEAN stack development procedure.

The technology stack created around the frameworks which happen to be JavaScript-based has made the LAMP obsolete. It has likewise invigorated the entire development process with a more powerful database management system than traditional MySQL.

By the term MEAN, we signify MongoDB, Angular.Js, Express.js, and Node.js. All of these are quite important. However, the combination of Node JS and Express JS happens to be the backbone of the entire technology stack.

Express JS is responsible for handling the user request parsed from the client-side utilizing Angular JS towards the server-side Node JS. It aids in partial processing and parsing of the requests along with access to the information from MongoDB.


7. Scalability

By now, we are all aware that Express JS comes with powerful features that can be achieved via the inheritance from Node JS. This framework will allow you to scale your applications in a better way.

Even though scalability in web application development might be appearing in your mind, Express JS helps companies with the addition of robust modules and resources. It allows the developers to produce dependable web apps that will scale higher when new nodes are added.


8. The common script

JavaScript happens to be the common script for your web apps right here. Express.js is readily interoperable for front-end applications such as Angular.Js, thanks to the JavaScript commonality. As a result, you will benefit from the best of both worlds.

For back-end and front-end development, most companies use different frameworks. For your projects, you can pick from a variety of frameworks.

However, the problem arises once you share the code across these types of frameworks. The language difference makes coding challenging and also affects its execution.


9. Google V8 Engine

Express Web Development supports the Node.js package that functions on Google’s popular Chrome V8 engine. Thus, you will be getting the support of the robust Google engine for your apps. It offers error-free UX along with higher performance.


10. Community support

It happens to be an open-source community that can quickly fix all problems for you. It lets developers overcome their problems which other members of the framework fix.


Who makes use of Express JS?

Many companies are using the Express JS Framework for back-end development. Here, we have mentioned several of them.

  • Storylens
  • GoDaddy
  • PayPal
  • IBM
  • Yandex
  • Walmart
  • RisingStack
  • Flickr
  • Uber



On most occasions, enterprise apps are data-driven. An Express.js platform can help companies handle the data properly and also assist them in gaining higher user experiences. The most critical aspect of every Web-app is back-end development.

Express.js makes it quite simple by compatibility with other front-end JS-based applications such as Angular JS. Hopefully, we have been able to answer your question of why it is essential to use Express JS to develop enterprise applications.

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