What Are The Uses Of Python When It Comes To Developing Apps?

What Are The Uses Of Python When It Comes To Developing Apps?

04 June, 2021 by img Rahul Panchal in Python Development
What Are The Uses Of Python When It Comes To Developing Apps?

At present, applications have turned out to be a vital part of every business. It does not matter whether it is web apps or mobile apps. Applications will be a fantastic way for companies to stay in touch with their target audience to achieve their objectives much quicker. Apart from being beneficial for businesses, applications are also extremely convenient for the users out there. Right now, an increasing number of companies are launching apps to satisfy their growing business demands.

You will come across lots of programming languages on the market, which can confuse the entrepreneurs very easily when selecting the appropriate one for their mobile app and web app development.


In this particular article, we will be focusing on one of the most well-known programming languages, Python, and the type of apps that can be created by using it.


Everything you need to know regarding Python


Python App Development - Application types that can be created using Python

Python happens to be amongst the most extensively used programming languages right now. It has become quite popular ever since it had been released and is used to create highly scalable and effective apps and websites.

According to Statista, Python had been the most in-demand programming language amongst software developers across the globe. This language was created to focus on code readability. Python app development services have become extremely popular since it allows the developers to build complicated web solutions by using fewer lines of code.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Similar to any other programming language, Python likewise comes with its features as well as limitations. There are various areas where Python is going to shine. Nevertheless, Python is extremely useful in terms of creating applications having complex algorithms. Python likewise excels in creating anything linked with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Nevertheless, while talking about its drawbacks, it can be said that Python lags somewhat in terms of execution speed. Code will be executed line by line in Python, which will slow down the execution procedure. Moreover, Python is not appropriate for creating memory-optimized applications. That is not all, and there are also other advantages and drawbacks of using Python, which will help you to decide whether it is appropriate for your project or not.


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A framework is a set of modules or packages that allow the developers to create applications without handle many details such as protocols, process management, or sockets. Python provides some of the outstanding frameworks for developing high-performing and scalable applications.

Python web frameworks have been classified into three categories which we have mentioned below.


1. Full-stack Frameworks

By the term “full-stack frameworks,” we imply those that provide an all-in-one solution (which implies that they will be able to provide everything required by a developer while developing an application). Full-stack development services have become extremely popular given that these frameworks can develop and make modifications to back-end services, front-end interfaces, and databases. Nevertheless, when considering Python, it has multiple full-stack frameworks. Examples of this framework happen to be Pyramid, Django, TurboGears, and so on.


2. Micro frameworks

Microservice frameworks, also referred to as minimalistic web app frameworks, consist of the fundamental components required to develop an app. Although these frameworks do not have full-fledged functionality, they are quite useful for developing applications. Some popular micro frameworks of Python happen to be Bottle, Flask, Hug, and so on.


3. Asynchronous frameworks

These are the most recent addition to the frameworks of Python. Their main purpose will be to develop high-performance web applications. These can handle a huge set of simultaneous connections by using single-thread architecture, thus enhancing the efficiency of web application development. Tornado and Sanic are some examples of these types of frameworks.

It is of prime importance to choose the appropriate framework for succeeding in your project. Flask and Django are the most widely used frameworks amongst all the Python development frameworks out there.


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Application types that can be created using Python

 In the subsequent paragraphs, we will focus on the different types of applications that can be created by making use of Python.


1. Blockchain Applications

Blockchain is considered to be amongst the hallmark features of technical advancements, particularly when it comes to application development. It has revolutionized the functionalities of apps in quite a few ways and how they perform the assigned tasks.

In the past, it was a challenge to fuse the concepts of app development and Blockchain. However, right now, methods have become simplified due to the introduction of Python out there.

Generally speaking, the process of creating Blockchain apps is somewhat tricky. However, it becomes less complicated at present mainly because of Python’s simplicity. As it is simple to comprehend, most developers do not have any problem while using Python for developing Blockchain apps.

Python presents quite a few frameworks for helping app developers with chores, such as making use of HTTP requests. These can be employed or deployed by the developers at will for establishing online connectivity with Blockchain. This also helps to make way for endpoints that aid Blockchain in executing various functions.

Apart from this, Python frameworks likewise play an essential role in creating a decentralized network for the concurrent functioning of scripts on more than one machine.


2. Command-line apps

Both command-line and console applications happen to be computer programs that function from a single command line. Both of them function sans any GUI (graphical user interface).

The most notable challenge for the developers in developing command-line applications will be to understand the language. The precise evaluation of Python allows the developers to discover innovative ways of using command-line language.

Python can fulfill this objective. It comes with the Read-Eval-Print-Loop feature that is also referred to as the REPL feature of Python. This feature allows the developers to properly evaluate the command-line language, thus allowing them to create new possibilities.

Python likewise features libraries that are intended to perform other tasks successfully. Besides frameworks, the presence of multiple libraries allows developers to gain access to ready-made codes which they can reuse for fixing technical issues. This particular feature is helpful for developers while creating command-line applications.


3. Video and Audio applications

The Internet has got lots of music and video content. Developers use it in conjunction with Python for analyzing video and music content. The contribution of Python to the development of these music and video contents happens to be an open secret right now.

Python, which is full of libraries, allows the developers to complete the development of applications easily. They usually use Python libraries, including PyDub and OpenCV, to complete an application development project.

You might be thinking how fine a music or video app can become when created using Python. YouTube can be considered in this case. Looking at YouTube’s smooth functioning, you might be able to comprehend the reason why developers tend to choose Python for developing high-performance and top-notch music and video applications.


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4. Game applications

Being a programming language, Python likewise has got an inseparable connection with games. You will come across a comprehensive list of well-known games which have been created for gamers by making use of Python.

While using this language for developing games, developers will be creating a game prototype plus Pygame within a short time. Being sources of reference, these assist the game developers to identify and fix any loophole in their approach for creating a top-quality game. Once they can fine-tune the blueprint for game development successfully, the rest becomes extremely simple.

Apart from this, Python likewise helps create game development tools that are useful for executing different key functions like creating dialogue trees, level designing, and so forth.

Many games have been built on Python. Several popular games consist of EVE Online, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Battlefield 2.


5. Apps for system administration

System administration happens to be a main element for the survival and the continuation of companies out there. It is concerned about the performance of several tasks simultaneously with the management of a large volume of business information. Both of these functions are extremely important for a business entity or organization.

Since it is almost impossible to complete system administration manually, the role played by applications becomes more important automatically. Companies look for apps that will be able to interact with various operating systems which are used at present. Python development services are used for creating such applications.

Firstly, Python comes with an OS model that allows development professionals to interact easily with various operating systems. While performing IO operations, it allows them to write files easily.


6. Business applications

E-commerce and ERP apps are in high demand amongst the purchasers, given that most of them prefer purchasing stuff online at present. There has been an increment in the dependence on these applications following the outbreak of the pandemic.

The support for practical alertness is a feature that helps to make Python the appropriate choice when it comes to creating an extensive range of apps, including e-commerce and ERP applications. One well-known software option for creating e-commerce solutions is Odoo. It has been written by using Python, and it helps develop a business management application package.

One more well-known example of an application option written by making use of Python happens to be Tryton. It plays an important role in creating high-performance and web-based apps.

The easy availability of these types of application development options helps explain why application development companies and developers prefer Python at present over other alternatives when it comes to creating business app solutions.


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7. Machine Learning apps

Most professionals consider machine learning apps as the future of technological advancement. Operating systems can receive information with the help of this algorithm technology. This information assists the operating systems in making smart decisions.

Until several years earlier, it was almost impossible to build applications to make intelligent decisions depending on the information received from operating systems. However, things have changed after the introduction of Python.

Like other applications, the libraries of Python constitute a useful option even in the creation of apps having the feature of machine learning.

It provides reliable libraries in the form of Pandas and Scikit for facilitating the creation of such applications. The most notable thing regarding these libraries is the fact that they are free. Moreover, one can also use them in combination with a GNU license.

However, it does not take much for the developers to make use of the libraries of Python. Even with the basic knowledge of this language, developers will be able to use its libraries to accomplish the task of creating applications with the feature of machine learning in their preferred manner.



The sum up, the flexibility and speed of Python aids in creating an extensive range of apps, as mentioned above. The versatile code of Python plays an important role in developing dependable coding solutions for application development and saves you considerable time while reducing the complexity in application development. Because of these reasons, Python has become quite popular at present when it comes to developing apps. Because of its vast potential, it likewise comes with bright prospects for improvement in the upcoming days.

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