Project Overview

Inspire more writing to build better writers!

Write About is an edtech startup that provides educational services to K-12(Kindergarten to 12 grade) students and their teachers. Focusing primarily on innovative writing, WriteAbout meets the needs of students, teachers and managers on a single platform. Our client was interested in launching an educational application. So he came to us to design and build a SaaS platform that could be used simultaneously in thousands of classrooms. To summarize, we can say that provides many benefits that students can find by studying through.


This enables the integration of the different teaching methods, types of feedback, and collaboration needed to provide effective writing instruction. The web app allows teachers to create virtual classes and use code to add students or import students from Google Classroom. Other features allow teachers to monitor each student's writing progress and provide both verbal and written feedback synchronously and asynchronously. offers some exciting ideas to inspire students to start writing. This review also discusses the educational use of in and out of the classroom to develop learner autonomy in the context of self-access and in writing.

Good writing is a long process and requires a lot of practice, so teachers can use to teach writing and motivate students to write. By using this method, teachers can access, a website that helps students improve writing skills.

Our Approach

Inspire more writing to build better writers!

We tailored to fit the client's specific wish list, and we used an agile system to let everyone know where we headed, and when the client already had their website developed but wanted to add new features and wanted to make it robust and dynamic.

We assigned a dedicated PM from the beginning of the project to make sure that it is supervised by someone knowledgeable and to make sure that team is going on the correct path.

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Our Challenges

Lack of time and the knowledge of a half developed system leads the team to face such obstacles!

We needed to build a fast, cost-effective and scalable backend infrastructure supported by a front-end experience that could easily be scaled to different devices and use cases.

When we started working on the project, it was already under development, so it was very difficult for developers to understand existing scenarios without reference and continue to work on a half-developed system.

developed system
development cycle

Our Solution

Our client has achieved incredible results with increased revenue and profits!

We Launched the site as a minimally viable product and quickly gained traction,user feedback and revenue.

It has been expanded to more than 200,000 users and ranked first for Google and Amazon products. We have completed project in 3 months with clear timelines and details.

Key Points:
  • Google Classroom
  • Subscription wise Features for Teachers
  • Custom user rostering, self-enrollment, Google SSO
  • Automated onboarding, knowledge base, community, support
  • User-generated curriculum content and social features generate organic growth
  • Granular filtering and privacy permissions at the individual user level managed by teachers/school admin

Technology Stack

We have all kinds of expertise, but we choose the best and most up-to-date technology to make this project a success!
tech-logo-1.svg Php
tech-logo-2.svg Javascript
tech-logo-3.svg Wordpress
tech-logo-4.svg MySql
tech-logo-5.svg AWS
tech-logo-6.svg S3
tech-logo-7.svg Cloudfront CDN
tech-logo-8.svg Elastic Beanstalk
tech-logo-9.svg Google Classroom


The main reason for the success of the project was its characteristics. We paid attention to every detail to grow the edtech industry digitally gives three types of phases for the students like pre-teaching activities, whilst-teaching activities and post-teaching activities. Different types of features are accommodated within these three activities.


High interest content


This application provides thousands of visual writing ideas to help engagement of students across all the genres and purposes. It provides a variety of the choices and assignments to the students of their interest. It also provides the audio along with the written content to make students interested towards the writing.

Sometimes it is a bit boring for the students to read everything so these audio instructions can help them understand the concepts properly without getting bored.


Authentic Writing Communities

There is a feature to connect the students with a local or global audience to write, read and comment on the writing. The system provides popular student topics which are moderated by the teachers.

It also gives an option to filter and organize students, content and data as per the level of the classroom. It offers custom projects through which students can collaborate with other classrooms to learn and write about the subject of their interest.

Focused Writing Tools

The application has the inbuilt tool for writing. It allows students to write, edit and publish their posts on the web application. It also provides suggestions and different ideas that inspire students to use their own ideas or graphics.

Teachers are allowed to give students topics or assignments on which they can write the post. It has a unique feature of voice recording to accompany pieces of writing. Also we have made this tool very simple so that students can write easily along with the image uploads.


Safe Student Environment

It provides a safe environment for students by giving customized permissions and by monitoring the writing stats for volume and engagement. It provides privacy and contents filtered by the student grades.

It asks students to ask for the approval and quick actions on pending work by the teacher. It prohibits students from using content apart from their grade and classroom to avoid conflicts.

Personalized Instruction

Each teacher has the access to review their student’s writing. By this teachers can provide the feedback through the entire process which helps students to improve and encourage their writing.

Teachers can leave private voice or text comments for the students in between the writing to improvise. There is a revision dashboard for students where students can revise their work before final submission.

The teacher guides and controls the students during the writing progress by using the platform for below mentioned purposes.


Data and Management


It provides functionality to teachers to take quick actions on how much students are writing and what they are writing. It has a tool to monitor the interactions and content trends and it also analyzes the class activity. Teachers also can get the statistics filtered by individual students.

The portal has an option to organize the work by students, groups or topics depending on the user’s necessity. There are different settings available in the system for profile management, membership management and the role wise user management.



We provided the customization based on the users to restrict all the users accessing everything. There were different roles like teachers, students, classroom admin and the cs admin. Teachers get an option to create classes manually or they can use google classroom if required to give students proper classroom experience. Teachers can create the ideas and can share it with the students who have access to view the same. Users also have the authority to follow or unfollow ideas and users the same as social media.

The dashboards are customized as per the user role. Each entity will have different dashboards according to their roles. If a teacher creates an account then it will be verified by the admin first before allowing an anonymous entity to enter into the system to make the portal more secure. Students only can login with the teacher code. Teachers have authority to manage the students account and to remove the account if any student is no longer part of the registered school or classroom.