Build Your Online Ticket Booking App, Inspired by Ticketmaster!

Build Your Online Ticket Booking App, Inspired by Ticketmaster!

15 May, 2023 by img Rahul Panchal in Mobile App Development
Build Your Online Ticket Booking App, Inspired by Ticketmaster!
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If you are an avid party animal or a sports fanatic, who loves to head out to concerts, live events, sports events, and much more, you might have undoubtedly come across Ticketmaster. It is one of the best ticketing service providers around the globe, allowing users to book their important event tickets online at their convenience.

Gone are the days of standing in long queues to get tickets for your favorite concert. Ticketmaster just changed it all. It has more than 1.5 million customers and rising.

Thus, it means that people are already developing the habit of booking tickets online. For general users, it is a convenience, but for budding entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity.

So, do you want to develop a ticket booking app like Ticketmaster and bring in a huge target audience to your platform? Many things go into making that possible, including marketing, promotions, discount offers, etc. But for a start, you must get along with the ticket booking app development aspects.

Let’s take you through this guide on how you can develop a ticket-booking app like Ticketmaster.

What is an Event Ticket Booking App?

With digitization taking over, the craze among people for physical concerts, sports events, music shows, theatrical shows, and other such events has also shifted online. Today, online ticket booking apps are available on more than half of smartphones worldwide for making remote reservations.

Customers of the digital era don’t expect to get involved in a daunting ticket booking process. They need convenience, and online ticket booking app, like Ticketmaster, fulfills it all. These ticket-booking apps are not just for enabling customers to reserve their seats but also to review the upcoming events in their city or state and get information about specific ones that they find interesting.

Features You Should Add To Your Ticket Booking App

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What does Ticketmaster boast about, which is motivating all budding entrepreneurs to start a business in this arena?

There are specific features that offer convenience and optimal experience to the customers for booking tickets to their favorite event. If you are about to build a ticket booking app like Ticketmaster, you should replicate some or most of the features onto your arsenal. The features are as follows:

     1. Easy Access to Tickets

No need to stand in a queue, as the tickets should be available and accessible online. Whether your customers want to enjoy the event or trade the tickets, it should be easy with an application like Ticketmaster. The customers should be able to trade the tickets just like exchanging messages.

     2. Selling Off the Tickets at Ease

Now your customers won’t have to put a status on their social media seeking buyers for unused concert or sports event tickets in case their plans change. They can do it right from the application itself. And this one is a master-stroke feature of Ticketmaster, which you can replicate onto your app. Hire the best ticket booking app solutions to get this inculcated.

¬† ¬† ¬†3. Get Notified About the Favorites’ Events

You need to add a section in your ticket booking application where people can add their preferred or favorite events associated with sports, music, or stand-up comedy. Every time their favorite events are up, they should get notified to book the early bird tickets. The app should also send notifications of any pre-sale offers or special discounts on early bookings.

     4. Secured Payment Options to Promote Your Reliability

Like the Ticketmaster app, you can hire mobile app developers to instruct them towards implementing all available payment options. Today, consumers want flexibility in spending their funds, which you ought to provide. So, if you want to make an app like Ticketmaster and excel in it, you must give your customers more or at least what it offers.

     5. Easy Search Functionality

You need to enable the search feature on your ticket booking app for users to easily find their desirable events. You must also enhance the capability of this feature by introducing filters for the users to narrow down their search parameters to get relevant results quickly.

     6. Proper Listing of the Events

The event organizers should be given the feasibility of adding detailed event listings over the application. Your application should allow the owner to mention the event’s name, describe it, specify the venue, add the date & time, and other important details, to draw the audience’s attention.

     7. Allowing Users to Create Their Profile

The app users should be flexible in creating their profiles over your application. In it, they should be able to mention their interests and preferences to get personalized recommendations from your app. Thus it will create a highly engaging experience for the users. For instance, the customers get to specify their location in the profile, allowing your app to make relevant event suggestions.

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How to Create an Online Ticket Booking Mobile App Like Ticketmaster?

Now that you have a general idea of how the Ticketmaster app functions and the standard features that make the crowd go gaga over it, it is time to start building your own!

If you have hired a professional mobile app development team, they will follow the same procedure, step-by-step, as specified below. If you know about developing mobile apps, you can try making one too! The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Do Your Assessments Well

Before you kickstart with your approach to creating an online ticket booking mobile app like Ticketmaster for your business, you need to run a few assessments of the market.

You need to understand the consumer sentiment at the moment, as of the current scenario in the market. Just like Ticketmaster, many other applications exist as your prime competitors. You need to assess the market and behavior of the target audience and determine how you can stand out above them all.

Now, you need to decide how long you need to study the market before you can start hiring ticket booking app solutions for designing your application. And in the end, you must decide on the prominent functionalities the application should have, as per your understanding.

With these assessments, you will have a clear idea of the approximate cost to build ticket booking app. Once you are done with it all, the actual development process will commence.

Step 2: Specify the Exact Features You Need In Your Ticket Booking App Solutions

Your development team must blueprint all features you integrate into your ticket booking app. It is the foundation to make an app like Ticketmaster. Some of the features specified earlier in this article are the prime USPs of Ticketmaster and are must-haves in your application too. Beyond that, some of the standard features that you consider to add onto your ticket-booking app are:

User’s App Front:

  1. A portal for registration with login features
  2. Personalized homepage with a curated & organized list of preferred events
  3. Show the details page
  4. Integrate an optimized booking portal
  5. View the ticket details and allow users to choose their seat preference
  6. Push notifications
  7. Customer support accessibility
  8. Ticket transfer features
  9. Loyalty program features

Admin’s App Front:

  1. Login Portal
  2. A user management portal
  3. Built-in scanner for permitting the ticket holders to the event
  4. Booking management section
  5. Show management section
  6. Venue management section
  7. Content management section
  8. Invoice management section
  9. Push notifications
  10. Report and Analytics
  11. Google Maps integration features
  12. Integration of cloud storage

Step 3: Choosing the Right Technology Stack

The features are all decided and ready to be integrated onto your application. Now, the next big step is to choose your technology stack. When you hire full-stack developers for the job, they will ask you about your preferred technology stack, which will power your ticket booking application.

The professional developers will assist by giving you an array of options to choose from, which includes:

  1. Flutter, ReactJS, and BootStrapJS for UI (User Interface) design
  2. Google, AWS, or Azure for integrating the Cloud environment
  3. Cassandra, HBae, PostgreSQL or MongoDB for database
  4. Logstash or ELK Stack for log management
  5. Git for code repository
  6. Cloudflare, CloudFront, or Amazon for CDN
  7. Firebase, Twilio, or Nexmo for phone, SMS, and voice verification
  8. Docker and Ansible for deployment, and much more.

These are just a few of the many technology stacks available for you to choose from. Hire dedicated developers and take their suggestions on what would be fit for your specific ticket booking apps, considering the features you want to integrate.

Step 4: Build User Flow Associated with the Ticket Booking Application

When planning to¬†create an online ticket booking mobile app¬†like Ticketmaster, you must know about its convenient user flow. Similarly, you should take note of creating a designated path for the users to follow to avail of your application’s services.

You must collect the information on the path they will opt for approaching a ticket booking action over your dedicated application. User flow in the case of a ticket booking app like Ticketmaster is as follows:

  1. Register/Login
  2. Access Homepage (Shows or Events)
  3. Apply the Filters to Find and Choose Sjows
  4. See the Description
  5. Click on ‚ÄėBook Now‚Äô
  6. Check the Schedule & Calendar
  7. Pick the Appropriate Date & Time
  8. Get Redirected to the Booking Confirmation Page
  9. Access the Payment Gateway
  10. Make the Payment
  11. Receive the ‚ÄėPayment Success‚Äô Notification
  12. Get the Tickets via Phone and App
  13. Enjoy the Show

The entire objective of designing an user flow for your ticket booking app is to keep it short to the maximum extent possible. The users should not have to go through a tiring process of filling out multiple details to book tickets to their favorite event.

Step 5: Unleash Your Development Team Now!

As you have the features, technology stack, and user flow in check, it is time to completely hand over the job to your mobile app development team. You need to ensure the team is qualified and experienced enough to deal with your simple or complex requirements associated with the ticket booking app development.

Your development team, appointed for the project, will have a manager, front-end & back-end developer, graphic designer, UI/UX designer, and QA tester. The workforce should be multiplied accordingly depending on how big an app you want to make and launch.

Step 6: Get the MVP Ready!

Once your development team begins building the ticket booking app to resemble the features and experience, like that of the Ticketmaster app, their primary job is to build a prototype or MVP. This app version will be released for the early adopters to use and leave feedback on the experience and functionalities.

Based on it, the developers, testers, and designers will optimize the features and finish the final product. In the end, you will get an ultimate ticket booking app.

Step 7: Do Your Marketing

Once the application is deployed upon final QA tests, you must market it digitally online. Give offers, discounts, and other such perks for customers to book through your apps and increase the user base. Soon, the flow of customers will be stabilized.

Hire Proficient Ticket Booking App Development Solutions from Rlogical

Rlogical is a team of professional developers, designers, and testers, who work relentlessly on developing quality applications for clients and their end-users. The post-pandemic era has increased the demand for live events such as sports, concerts, music shows, theatres, and stand-ups.

It is a great idea to start an online mobile ticket booking app to earn good revenue. Ticketmaster is the right established app for you to take inspiration from. And our developers have the proficiency to help you match the quality of that application and integrate the same experience onto your ticket-booking app.

So, get in touch, and let’s briefly discuss your ticket booking app development requirements!

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