Why use MeteorJS?

Why use MeteorJS?

19 February, 2021 by img Rahul Panchal in JavaScript Development
Why use MeteorJS?

Meteor JS happens to be a full-stack JavaScript framework consisting of an assortment of packages and libraries bound together. However, according to some people, it is Meteor magic.

It can be said that Meteor JS has been created based on ideas from other libraries and frameworks, which makes it quite simple to prototype applications. It helps to make web development much more straightforward. Being quite flexible, it does not require much code, and this implies that there are fewer mistakes and usually a top-quality and stable result.


It is quite simple to learn Meteor JS, and in the following paragraphs, we have mentioned why it would be beneficial to use Meteor JS for your subsequent project.


1. Is extremely convenient

One significant reason why developers like to work with Meteor JS is that it offers lots of conveniences. The development process is extremely comfortable and also faster. Meteor JS offers a flawless synchronization opportunity. All the data will be synchronized in real-time. It has the in-built feature of Live Reload, which allows you to visualize all the modifications developed by you without refreshing the browser page or rebuilding the project. Apart from this, Meteor JS provides complete freedom when it comes to the structure – although you’ll come across recommendations, there isn’t any obligatory regulation.


2. Helps to build quite fast

While using Meteor JS, it will be possible to launch an MVP within a couple of weeks. With JavaScript on the back end and front-end and spot packages, Meteor JS will help you develop much faster. This makes it quite easy for startups trying to create any product within a short period.


3. Develop using only one language

Besides rapid development, JavaScript on the client and the server comes with additional benefits, such as fewer switching of context. Apart from this, JavaScript happens to be amongst the most well-known programming languages on the planet. It has lots of use-cases, and lots of developers are acquainted with it already.


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4. Simple to learn

Anybody who has tried to learn this framework knows that it is quite simple to do so. As compared to other well-known frameworks, there is no need to depend on several languages simultaneously. A Meteor JS project can be handed over to any semi-experienced JavaScript developer, and he will be able to begin quite quickly. Even designers, who were not developers in proper terms, will find it quite simple to implement. Meteor JS is quite popular among them for one simple reason: it is extremely easy to learn and work with.


5. Is reactive

One more reason why Meteor JS has become quite popular is its reactive user interface. There is a quick change in the user interface with every modification in data. Put simply, in case someone under your article posts a comment; it would be possible for you to see it instantly without any need to reload the page. From the user’s point of view, a reactive user interface is imperative since none will like to reload the page to see the most recent updates. Every user likes to view the immediate effect after pressing a particular button, selecting a filter, or opening a menu. No website can become user-friendly and responsive without any reactive user interface.


6. Smart packages help to save you time

It can be quite troublesome when it comes to building a login system for your app. However, it is not the case with Meteor JS. The Meteor JS packages make it quite easy to append features like user accounts, extras such as Stylus or Bootstrap, and JavaScript libraries such as React. They will come across an entire website that has been dedicated to Meteor JS package management. On top of this, it is quite simple to add these types of smart packages.


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7. Convert your Meteor JS app into Android and iOS apps

Yes, what you have read is a fact. Meteor JS makes it quite easy to convert your web publication into a smartphone application using Cordova, which happens to be a platform for creating native applications by making use of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It comes with a set of APIs that will allow you to access native device functions with JavaScript, such as the camera.


8. Supportive and active community

Although it is quite young, you will already come across an active community of web developers who make use of Meteor JS to build their projects. Apart from this, lots of resources, blogs, and online learning platforms have popped up to discuss and teach this platform. You will come across a massive and constantly developing in-person community. Moreover, Meteor Meetups are present in more than 75 nations worldwide and more than 200 cities. Any Meteor Meetup can be presently close to you.


9. Meteor JS happens to be the future

It is a fact that the web is turning out to be a progressively real-time environment. The requirement for real-time applications is increasing with the development of online apps such as instant client support, real-time collaboration tools, multiplayer web games, and so forth. And all these are offered by Meteor JS.


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Next, we will talk about the pros and cons of this particular framework.


The pros

  • Special longevity and resilience are provided to Meteor JS by a diverse community of contributors. The majority of the other frameworks have been created by only one mega tech business. This might imply that the project will become shelved if they do not see any ROI. However, with Meteor JS, the direction of development follows the users closely.
  • It happens to be cross-platform. Google’s Flutter will not be working on the iPhone of Apple. Meteor JS enables you to create all implementations of your application in a single location.
  • There is support for GraphQL, and it has been built in MongoDB handlers.


The cons

  • An excessive amount of dependency is placed by the developers on various prebuilt packages, which can conflict.
  • It is not possible to make a mobile web-application run as effectively as with native.
  • It might be easier to use Express if you are simply making a web app.



With Meteor JS, the sky will be the only limit. Contemporary development is turning out to be increasingly web-centric. This trend is reflected perfectly by Meteor JS, which offers a comprehensive platform for developers. It will enable you to create a smooth integration of mobile and web applications without any problem whatsoever.

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