HTML 5 Mobile App vs Native App – Which are better?

HTML 5 Mobile App vs Native App – Which are better?

03 December, 2019 by img Rahul Panchal in Android App Development
HTML 5 Mobile App vs Native App – Which are better?

HTML 5 Mobile App vs Native App – Which are better?

There are few factors that will help you to decide which is the best technology for your mobile app. Each method of developing a mobile app is having its own set of pros and cons.

In this blog, we have explained about the main difference between Native and HTML5 mobile app development solution. In addition to this, will explain a couple of pros and cons of each method. So, let’s start with HTML 5 Mobile App.

What is HTML5 Mobile Apps?

An HTML5 mobile app is a kind of Web application developed with that version of the Web content standard and designed for smartphones, tablets and mobile other devices.

HTML5 apps can work on different mobile platforms such as Android & iOS. They use a combination of computer programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. Technically, an HTML5 mobile app is a web page that works like an app but most of the people make it PSD to HTML5. Since the source of this type of application is not the platform, the app becomes platform neutral.


  • – Save time, reduced costs & easy to build
  • – HTML5 app will run on any mobile device & improve performance
  • – Business consistency across platforms
  • – Easy to maintain as compared to native apps


  • – Not beneficial while we upgrade features of the respective platforms
  • – Creating large and heavy apps (like gaming) is difficult to manage with HTML5
  • – These apps run on a browser and lack the desired quality from a UX perspective.


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What is Native Apps?

Native apps are the apps particular to a given platform such as iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry. The development tools like Java & Eclipse (in case of Android), Objective C & Swift (in case of iOS); make the apps run on that platform. They use the smartphone inbuilt OS features that enhances the app largely. They cannot run on multiple platforms, which means an individual native android app development required for individual platforms.


  • – These apps can be downloaded from the App store and can be used instantly by the end user. The developer and the user, both find managing a Native app very simple.
  • – Native apps integrate with mobile device features like the camera, location, address book, etc. These apps also integrate with other apps to benefit from additional features.
  • – There is a huge community out there to help Native App developers build better apps. Native apps are relatively more secure.
  • – Native apps are developed in the respective environment and benefit from the upgrades in the respective platforms.


  • – One major drawback of a native app is that it is restricted to a platform.
  • – Native apps require more investment as it requires separate resources to design, develop and maintain apps for all the respective platforms.
  • – Managing native apps is difficult, as any changes that need to be done, must go through a repeated process for all three platforms.


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Which are better: HTML5 or Native Apps?

There is no perfect answer to this question. It depends on your goals and requirements.

While HTML5 helps create highly engaging mobile apps quickly, it does not provide any unique functions that help deliver users with awesome mobile experience.

Native apps enable users to make use of mobile functionalities but creating a native application can be expensive and requires much more time compared to HTML 5 when you’re targeting multiple devices.

One of the major advantages of HTML5 app development service is that you’re only required to build a single app for all devices, it’s support multiple platforms. This, of course, means that you’re going to save a lot of time, effort and money on your initial build and future updates. And HTML5 apps using technologies such as Adobe PhoneGap, Cordova which will allow you to publish your app on the app stores.

These so-called ‘hybrid apps’ combine some of the advantages of HTML5 apps and native apps.


For companies this provides a major reduction in cost, a huge decrease in the time to market, and much lower rates of running into programming bugs across multiple platforms. When developing an app in HTML5, because you only need to test your code once, testing time is also reduced allowing for rapid product development.

They’re also normally a good choice for budget-conscious developers or when content will be changing often. Not only is HTML5 cost-effective, save time, flexible in nature, and easy to develop for mobile app developers; they’re usually loved and used across the world. So, when comparing HTML5 vs native apps, you’ll have to look at your specific needs and goals.

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