Best 9 Examples of Websites Built with ReactJs

Best 9 Examples of Websites Built with ReactJs

04 December, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in ReactJs Development
Best 9 Examples of Websites Built with ReactJs

In the year 2011, Facebook was responsible for creating ReactJs, which happens to be a well-known JavaScript framework. This particular feature is a complicated and dynamic function that had to be customized for every single user. However, Facebook introduced its framework since none of the present frameworks worked.

Apart from satisfying its objective, ReactJs be extremely popular out there. However, it came into the limelight after it was made open-source by Facebook in 2013.

At present, ReactJs can boast of having more than 1400 contributors who are improving the framework continually. This helps to make ReactJs an extremely well-known JavaScript framework at present.

Below, we have mentioned several of the top websites which have been built with ReactJs.

1. Facebook

Facebook happens to be the largest social platform globally, with more than 3 billion active users. Facebook had just 700 million users when ReactJs was first introduced; however, it searched for a scalable solution mainly for their newsfeed. They wanted the newsfeed to function autonomously, which consisted of updating the most recent posts automatically, and so on.

Nevertheless, ReactJs is responsible for driving several other significant components right now. First, Facebook uses ReactJs for Like as well as Login buttons and other small elements. However, the comments function, share function, and video embedding are likewise powered by ReactJs. Other essential features consist of the user profile, chat function, plus subscribe function.


2. Instagram

When Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, it had only a simple promotional site consisting of one page. After Facebook bought the company, the team decided to build a good site using ReactJs for Instagram. At present, most of the Instagram web application is powered by ReactJs, which consists of geolocation, the newsfeed, the comment functions, and so on.


3. Netflix

Netflix had been created more than 20 years back to provide individuals with the best video amusement. It has become prevalent right now. Netflix has also got an intuitive and contemporary user interface, which has been built using ReactJs. In combination with NodeJS, this program is providing approximately 200 million users to Netflix every single day.


4. Uber

The most crucial reason why Uber chose ReactJs was experienced. The development team of Uber was already acquainted with ReactJs. Nevertheless, the Uber team has not only expertise with ReactJs, but they have mastered it. After working with the framework for quite some time, they comprehended that it would become quite challenging to sustain a seamless and uniform experience for every Uber application as Uber will develop.

Therefore, Base Web was created by them for simplifying everything. It is based on ReactJs being an open-source design system and consists of prebuilt features and elements. It is similar to a library; however, UI is included along with it.


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5. The New York Times

The New York Times was founded in the year 1851 and is responsible for bringing the top headlines to our living room from across the globe. It is one of the most well-known websites on the planet, with over 400 million monthly visitors.

However, before 2017, the New York Times’ development team’s tech stack was not adequately organized. They used PHP in some places, and in others, a “unique codebase” was used by them. The problem was solved once the whole infrastructure was rebuilt from scratch by making use of ReactJS.


6. Reddit

According to many individuals, Reddit is often known as the Internet’s front page. This platform is presently amongst the most well-known social news websites on the planet. Apart from being a social networking site, it is also a place for individuals to come across like-minded people, interact with them, and learn many new things.

Reddit happens to be an excellent example of detailed and complex infrastructures from a technological perspective. Their system consists of tools such as NodeJS, Python, Google Firebase, BackboneJS, and Amazon AWS. Nevertheless, the first React code was used by Reddit in the year 2014. Following this, ReactJS was used by the developers of Reddit for the mobile website. ReactJS likewise replaced frontend elements as well on the primary site.


7. Airbnb

While traveling, we search for comfortable and cost-effective sleeping accommodations. However, hotels and resorts can be quite costly, particularly in big cities. But Airbnb makes it quite different. It will help travelers rent an entire house or even a room, which will help them save a considerable amount of money.

ReactJS has been used for building the Airbnb interface. Besides this, an open-source library known as Enzyme, which is based on React, was launched by the developers in 2016. Enzyme happens to be a sophisticated tool that aids in simulating scenarios as well as verifying React components. An increasing number of ReactJS devs began to use it in the long run. At present, Enzyme has got over 350 contributors.


8. Salesforce

It has been more than 20 years since Salesforce has been operating out there. They have helped more than 150,000 companies to develop and establish a strong connection with their clients. At present, Salesforce happens to be one of the most well-known CRM systems in the world.

Like several other giants out there, Salesforce is building its CodeBase within an MVC system. ReactJS is being used as the View element of the MVC of Salesforce. ReactJS was chosen because of its performance, speed, as well as scalability. A framework was required to operate flawlessly and quickly irrespective of how large the application might become, and the perfect solution for this is ReactJS.


9. Dropbox

In 2007, Dropbox can boast of having more than 1 million users at present. It has more than 15 million paying users right now across the globe, and its value is over $10 billion.

Every single day, numerous users are known to download plus upload all types of files using Dropbox. It required a stable platform because of this, and ReactJS was the ideal solution. Apart from being lightweight and scalable, React also helps the developers code faster, minimizing mistakes.


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There are many more companies that make use of ReactJS to improve their online presence and user experience. ReactJS has become extremely popular ever since Facebook used it, and it is going to stay.


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