Reasons Why Android is at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IOT)

Reasons Why Android is at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IOT)

07 September, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in Android App Development
Reasons Why Android is at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IOT)

Android happens to be among the most well-known and most used methods among the most prominent operating systems and devices. Approximately 50% of the world’s e total population is using Android right now thanks to the numerous benefits. Mobile technology is capable of modifying communication in several ways.


Why is Android App Development so sought after?

At present, you’ll come across a higher number of mobile users as compared to PC users. The mobile technology division has opened up several opportunities for each particular organization to communicate with its intended audience. This depicts that Android app development services happen to be the most sought-after services in the present IT sector.

The number of mobile app developers catering to the Android app development services is numerous these days. The service companies come with a professional team of Android developers having updated knowledge regarding the most recent trends helping in producing top-class applications out there.


For what reason is Android so popular?

There is no doubt regarding the simplicity of Android. However, for what reason is Android so well-known right now? Perhaps the most notable reason behind the popularity of this operating system is that it is entirely free. Right from the very beginning, Android is free, and Google will keep it free in the upcoming days. This has attracted the hardware manufacturers worldwide to produce inexpensive smartphones powered by a free OS that happens to be Android.

Apart from this, Android is likewise an open-source. As compared to similar mobile operating systems that are safeguarded by different laws and copyrights, Google has kept Android open. This allows a large number of talented and active developers to give their best. Innovative ideas are being implemented now and then with plenty of intelligent brains functioning for the operations.


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How does Android help in the IoT?


There is no question that the IoT (Internet of Things) is progressing quite fast. Simply put, the IoT applies in particular to the revolutionary interconnectivity of the different smart devices on the network. These devices come with Internet networking and sensors that allow them to collect, store, and transmit the information.

Many gadgets have already been placed on the market, and several more will be released as the technology developers are working on electrical gadget networking in workplaces and households. It is possible for anyone to easily control the refrigerator, television, treadmill, or toaster using a smartphone. The IoT, though, is only feasible until the platform that these devices would function is obtainable, and then Android steps along. Apart from that, IoT app development is also gaining momentum.


For what reason does Android help to drive the Internet of Things?

It is a fact that the majority of the smart devices at present operate on Android. Anybody familiar with smartphones is also acquainted with this operating system. It happens to be the premier operating system for mobile devices, edging out its rival iOS. There is an increasing demand for interconnected gadgets at present, and Android is leading from the front. Android helps to manage the Internet of Things perfectly so far.


Reasons why Android is at the forefront of the Internet of Things

Android happens to be the universal front end where the developers will be able to work. Android has proved to be a powerful platform for applications primarily because Google has agreed to distribute it to smartphone manufacturers and developers. The Linux-based software happens to be open-source, thus enabling anyone to use the source code and personalize it for usage in any gadget and device they like.

There are innumerable devices which are dependent on Android right now. With so many big names operating on Android, it is not difficult to see how the operating system acts as the front end for the IoT.

It is inexpensive and straightforward to develop for the Internet of Things, thus making them much cheaper in the long run.

  • IoT is driven by applications

A gadget is simply a gadget. It becomes much more with the proper application and software for helping it operate and perform different tasks. The app helps to employ IoT devices. At present, Android happens to be the largest platform on the planet. It is hardly surprising that the IoT movement is driven by Android these days.


  • IoT has been developed on Java

Lots of IoT devices have been performed on Java. Thus, it does make sense that Android drives the present IoT app development market. Android allows Java to be applied sensibly as compared to the usage of embedded Java requiring committed services.


  • The sensor

Sensors help to identify temperature and other physical properties, and following this, digital signals are generated. Many hardware vendors depend on some particular domains, such as Android, Windows, and Linux. Android’s availability and priority help make it an easy win in this specific category. The fact is that Android happens to be open-source, and it can be easily tweaked for usage in any device, which helps to make it quite popular amongst the device makers.


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  • Device

A device accompanied by a processor with an OS has to be there supporting the IoT ecosystem components. It has to be portable and small, hardly using plenty of power but providing regular connectivity. You will come across many examples where inexpensive Android gadgets have been selected for this. Android devices satisfy the necessities for supporting an extensive array of sensors. Moreover, different tutorials are available for helping the developers.


  • The Android IoT ecosystem

In terms of comprehending the app for Android in the Internet of Things, it is imperative to understand the ecosystem of the Internet of Things like the role of Android in it.


  • Transfer of data

The component supporting the transfer of data from the sensor is required. You’ll come across a couple of simple options, namely, XMPP and MQTT. Android supports both of these open-source implementations. It is possible to use the libraries in Android, Windows, and Linux.


  • Program

There ought to be some program which will be able to receive and also store the information. It might make a standard Linux server that gets some information decodes it, and finally processes it. It is also possible to use the data for the subsequent analysis.

This being said, it is inevitable that Android happens to be the main driving force behind the IoT devices.


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